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  • Legal FAQs

    Is my property an HMO?

    Welcome to the next instalment of "Legal FAQs Month" on Property Tribes.

    The content is powered by our legal partner, Anthony Gold Solicitors, and partner David Smith has recorded over 20 videos answering the most commonly asked legal and compliance questions on Property Tribes.

    Property Tribes will be featuring one video per day throughout April.

    Today, David explains how to understand if your property is an HMO or not, and, if it is, does it require a licence?

    Catch up:

    #1 - Changing of locks during a tenancy 

    #2 - Remedies when tenant will not allow access for Gas Safety inspection, repairs etc 

    #3 - Does a rent increase trigger a new AST?

    #4 - What can a landlord do if they want to serve a Section 21 notice but have not protected the deposit?

    #5 - What to do if tenant will not allow viewings 

    #6 - What to do if tenant has not left after a Section 21 notice has expired 

    #7 - How to tell if tenant has abandoned a rental property

    #8 - Tenant has left behind rubbish and belongings

    #9 - One tenant wants to leave tenancy and be replaced by another  

    #10 - Should a landlord provide garden implements?

    #11 - Tenant has unauthorised pet

    #12 - Tenant has unauthorised pet

    #13 - Landlord or limited company name on the AST?

    Stay tuned to "Legal FAQs month" all this month on Property Tribes - tune in daily for a new video and get those burning questions answered!

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