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  • In the Spotlight

    John Howard Property Podcast

    I recently interviewed John Howard from my property podcast, John is amazing!! Over 40 years experience, 3,500 deals done - I mean how??

    In this episode he spoke about many things, my key takeaways were mental consistency and also the danger of the 3rd deal.

    Listen here

    Please give it a listen and let me know what your key takeaways were?


    Great interview Ryan and John - well done.

    Some takeaways:

    1.  John is not a fan of HMOs being promoted to newbies.

    2.  He's not a fan of "get rich quick" training.

    3.  He advocates looking after his team, building long term relationships, and pays deal finders a 2% intro fee.

    4.  John says "You are only as good as you NEXT deal".

    5.  He has three unbreakable property rules which he documented here:  My 3 unbreakable property buying rules

    6.  He says that you must be prepared to make a mistake, because you will.  He has made many costly mistakes.

    7.  He has a number of deal sourcing channels, and they all feed into him, but they are mostly relationships that he has nurtured over the long term.

    8.  There has to be some kind of angle to the deal otherwise John won't buy it.

    9.  "You need to have an out before you have an in".

    10.  "Always keep your money moving" - have one property on the market while developing another.

    11.  The current market is challenging and it will "sort the men from the boys".

    12.  John endeavours to meet/connect with at least one new person per day.

    13.  John has never minded someone making a profit out of him.  He believes in sharing around deals and building a small ecosystem of people who will help and support each other.

    14.  John warns about hot markets.

    15.  John takes time out from his business by walking his dog, playing tennis, and cycling.  They help him deal with pressure.