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  • Debt & Negative Equity

    Landlord debt issues - busting the myths

    Welcome to Day 4 of "Landlord Debt Advisory" Week. All this week, Property Tribes has been delighted to present a raft of content which focusses on debt issues for landlords and how they can be resolved.

    The week is being undertaken in association with PT partner, Landlord Debt Advisory, and co-founders Tom Cardwell and Phil Davison have been joining me throughout the week to discuss the leading debt trends and issues facing landlords and the solutions available to resolve them.

    This is how the week is shaping up:

    Monday -  Launch of week and a discussion about debt trends.

    Today -  Dealing with Mortgage Express when in arrears.

    Wednesday - Case study:  Commercial Landlord Robert Wilson talks about what happened when he experienced financial issues.

    Thursday -  Myths about landlord debt issues busted!

    Friday - Summary and discussion of landlord debt threats on the horizon.

    This week could be well timed as recent research has revealed that the number of BTL mortgages in arrears of 2.5 per cent or more of the outstanding balance rose five per cent just in the second quarter of 2019.

    Those facing more significant arrears increased 12 per cent in the year to mid-2019. and the number of BTL mortgaged properties taken into possession rose two per cent year on year. 

    For today's instalment, we are joined once again by Tom Cardwell to bust some myths around debt resolution including debt write off, also known as a "haircut".

    Tune in all this week for "Landlord Debt Advisory" Week - join our conversations and get any of your landlord debt questions answered by Tom.

    Here is an example of what LDA can achieve for landlords in financial difficulty:

    Distressed landlord Case Settlement & Process 

    Landlord Debt Advisory is a commercial partner of Property Tribes and you can use the Landlord Debt Advisory website to find out more about landlord debt issues and how to resolve them.  

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