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  • Tax

    Landlords advised - "Get out while you can"

    Easy mistake to make when they include a decimal point after the 255.


    Another thing that tells me I'm better of sticking to property investment rather than buying shares.


    GBX is a shortcut for pence, similarly USX stands for cents. Not a standard by any measure, but more or less understood in the financial world. Similarly, but more likely to get wrong, is GBp for pence and GBP for pounds.


    There is a space for them in the market of course but they ain`t using my money

    Its naked self interest and good old fashioned scare mongering marketing

    People are more careful with words the more powerful they are

    These words are not balanced nor are they off the cuff .

    They are carefully constructed with a press officer

    Their sole intention is to win business

    And if they succeed they keep 50% of rent plus the capital gains . Its a good model I`m sure

    I however prefer to keep 100% of the rent and all the capital gains.


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    She said: “Instead of people investing in buy-to-let properties, they should invest in a Grainger share.

    Meanwhile in other news, it's been established that the Pope recommends Catholicism.


    "Are LLs going to be able to compete with the big BTR operators for amenities or quality?. It's very unlikely."

    Yes we are.

    Some people do like new-build boxes with a guard at the front door and CCTV on every floor and communal social space. Many people however prefer to join an established community perhaps close to established schools and family and live in a nice normal house or flat with your own kitchen, with perhaps a garden and place to park your car within sight.

    I'm staying in control of my properties, cash flow and profits, thank you very much

    How to pay less tax? Reduce your taxable activities


    YES YES YES! No chance Grainger can do what I do. Not ego. Just a fact - if they come into my niche they'll be 3-0 down with 80 minutes to play. There is no way they can bespoke at scale. Lots of tiny white boxes - they can keep them.


    I think she has a point and I fully understand her view

    But if she was so good, she would not be working for Granger she would be out there investing in her own name /Company

    The point I do take on board is the scale of Large Landlord Operations

    I have used the Corner Shop compared with the Supermarket before

    Why is it that Granger is not properly thought of as a BTL landlord ??? I think the answer lies in its image

    It will have a Head Office and it will have the infrastructure to appear professional

    I believe strongly that we should be the same in a word a Corporate

    I dont think I have seen Granger banging the drum of wealth creation

    I see the words wealth creation used a lot on PT and thats in my opinion the stark difference between the two

    I also see phrases like I want to build a BTL Business so I can leave work 

    we are seen as rouges and Granger is not seen as rouge ?

    We have shoved Look at Me ? Look at how Rich I am  ? We see Gurus flogging courses about how to be rich in a few months

    My own feeling is Granger are in the Business of supplying homes for rent

    we on the other hand are in it for wealth creation and then the supply of a home

    Granger is long term Business BTL in General is a Short term business

    Granger don't use an Exit Strategy but we do

    If a Major Manager dies at Granger it will carry on in the way it did before they died ?

    If a private landlord dies its a very different matter ??

    The corner shop will survive but our numbers will become fewer

    Savvy Landlords who run a Business are now Company Landlords . This sector will grow and grow.

    Granger are similar to us but very different from us - they provide a home but do it in a much more business way

    The rewards go to there share holders where our rewards go direct into our pockets

    Which one would I rather be a Landlord who is running a Business

    Wealth Creation will take care of itself if I run a good Business

    Just a side issue -  Granger started in Newcastle on Tyne so there is time for me yet.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    Excellent post.

    The other big difference is between build to rent and buy to rent.

    BTL is seen as landlords taking stock away from the FTB market, whereas Build to Rent is actually creating something.

    Whether right or wrong, that's the perception and politics is all about perception.