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  • HMO & Multi-Lets

    Launch of HMO Week 2017 - popularity/trends

    Property Tribes is pleased to bring you our first ever "HMO Week".  It's powered by Platinum Property Partners.

    The PPP model is based on high quality HMOs let to young professional tenants, although some landlords opt for lower quality properties let to tenants in receipt of housing benefit.

    "HMO Week 2017" runs from today for the next 7 days, and new and exclusive content will be added daily.  The week takes you on a journey - from sourcing an HMO, to getting it set up compliantly, to marketing, to management and all stops inbetween.

    To launch the festivities, I talk to HMO landlord and Platinum Property Partners Founder, Steve Bolton, about the HMO scene and trends for 2017:

    This is how the rest of the week is shaping up:

    Tuesday -         Sourcing an area suitable for an HMO and finding a suitable property   

                             Financing of HMOs - insights and criteria                   

    Wednesday -   Legal and licensing considerations / refurbing an HMO and optimising the lay-out

    Thursday -       Small HMOs vs. "Super HMOs" 

    Friday -            Creating harmonious households

    Saturday -        Avoiding voids in HMOs

    Sunday -          Getting rid of a bad tenant from an HMO

    This content has been provided by experienced HMO landlords from the Platinum Property Partners community who have generously shared their knowledge and tips for a happy HMO life!

    To celebrate HMO Week 2017, PPP have created a fantastic guide - "7 Steps to Successful HMO investment" - which is available for download now:


    Join us ALL THIS week for a cracking "HMO Week" 2017 - everything you could want to know about HMOs and more!

    To learn even more about HMOs, join the HMO Group on Facebook, which is an excellent resource for HMO landlords.

    SEE ALSO  -         HMO considerations with Shawbrook Bank

    UP NEXT -             HMOs outperform standard BTL returns by up to 40%
    DON'T MISS -        The issue of couples in HMOs

    NOW WATCH:       

    About Platinum Property Partners:

    PPP provide a tried and tested business model to help you set up and develop your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio. They help you generate exceptional levels of lifelong income as well as capital growth. Their model helps you to maximise the returns and minimise the risks of investing in homes of multiple occupancy (HMOs) for young professionals.

    The system uses distinct and detailed methods that differ from other buy-to-let business models, including:

    • Pin-pointing the locations and identifying the properties that will give you the greatest return
    • Creating more rooms within each property to maximise your rental income
    • Designing multiple-tenancy properties that attract young professionals. This enables you to earn up to three times as much rental income as similar properties with single-tenancy
    • Putting in place business plans and structures that make your income as tax-efficient as possible
    • Using your growing portfolio to fund further property investments.

      Find out more by visiting the Platinum Property Partners website