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  • Entrepreneurs

    Launch of "Young Entrepreneurs" Week 2017

    Property Tribes is delighted to bring you a truly inspirational week of themed content all this week, dedicated to showcasing young property entrepreneurs.

    The week's interviews will be hosted by Ryan Carruthers of Venture Property Group, himself a young entrepreneur, and who inspired this Property Tribes themed week.

    To launch the festivities, I spoke to Ryan about his own property journey and some of the traits exhibited by all successful young entrepreneurs:

    We have some truly amazing young people talking to Ryan about their property journey and we have no doubt that this content will inspire old-timers as well as newbies!

    The week will run as follows:

    Monday -  Rajan Bahra

    Tuesday - Harvey Pearson

    Wednesday -  Sophie Ali

    Thursday - Jerome Mcbean and Shaun Barrett

    Friday - Daniel Jenyo.

    All these people are 30 years of age or under, our youngest entrepreneur Harvey Pearson being just 22!

    The week has kindly been sponsored by the Caridon Group, of which Caridon Landlord Solutions are sponsors of our Universal Credit/LHA Tribe.

    These interviews are slightly longer than our normal ones, but we can guarantee that every single minute is worth watching! We do hope our community will comment and offer support and feedback to these young people.

    Get set for a truly inspiring and insightful week which shows that age has no bearing to achieve success within the property sector!

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    Interesting article here about the rise of young investors and why property appeals to them:

    Full/source article - Property Reporter


    First of all, we would like to commend Property Tribes and Ryan Carruthers for this fantastic initiative.  Bravo! to Caridon Group as well for lending their support.

    It's so fascinating to see new, younger landlords coming through. These young people are digitally minded and expect to use digital tools and on-line resources.  I suspect this will be a common theme throughout the interviews.

    Using such tools and resources makes them more efficient, and can also aid with being a compliant landlord.  These young guns will be running their property empires from their laptop or smart phones, being efficient, and ensuring their tenants have a great experience with them.  It is exciting to see this new breed of young landlord coming through and we wish them all well on their property journeys.


    Thank you, it was a cracking day and thanks again to the Tribes team for having me!


    What a great idea to have a week of interviews with young entrepreneurs in property Vanessa, and who better to lead it than Ryan.

    It's great to see young people getting into property. 

    I was surprised by the statistic that around 15% of investors are between 21 - 30. 

    I look forward to watching all the video interviews.  Maybe I'll find out where to get my own Ryan!!

    Angela :-)


    Author of The Complete Guide to Property Strategies and The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success
    Learn more at http://www.completepropertysuccess.co.uk

    I also post property updates on my Facebook Page

    "It is the small decisions you and I make every day that shape our destiny" Anthony Robbins

    The winner of this year’s UK "Young Surveyor of the Year" title has been hailed as ‘inspirational’.

    Jonathan Manns beat off 150 contenders, all aged 35 or under.

    The head of London Planning at Colliers International, he became a director at the age of just 30.

    He is an adviser to TV’s Grand Designs programme, and set up the All Party Parliamentary Group for London’s Planning and Built Environment, which has heard evidence on matters ranging from the Green Belt to the Grenfell Tower fire.

    He has also written a number of reports for the Government, influencing policy on planning and housing, and is an honorary lecturer at University College London.

    Full/source article