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  • Welsh PRS

    Mandatory 12 month contract plan for rentals

    New plans to extend the notice period for so-called ‘no fault’ evictions in Wales would give tenants 12-month contracts by default.

    The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) says it is scandalous the government is planning such changes without first reforming possession routes for the vast majority of landlords who have legitimate reasons to repossess their property.

    Under Section 173 of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, the Welsh equivalent of Section 21, private landlords cannot repossess properties in the first six months of the tenancy.

    Now Welsh housing minister Julie James AM has announced plans to extend the subsequent notice period from two to six months, meaning it will be a year in total before a landlord is able to repossess.

    RLA Vice Chair and director for Wales, Douglas Haig, said:

    “This is scandalous move that is essentially introducing 12-month contracts by default.

    “Creating a situation where a property cannot be repossessed within the first six months and then introducing a further six-month notice period could cause huge problems for landlords.

    “They will be left powerless when it comes to problem tenants, who will be legally allowed to stay in the property for a year. If tenants are not paying rent, huge arrears could build up in this time.

    “We will be warning government that this move could cause serious damage to landlord confidence and the availability of homes to rent in Wales, at a time when demand continues to increase.

    “The government needs to ensure that landlords with a genuine need to regain possession of their properties are able to do so.”

    The Welsh government will now consult on whether to increase the minimum notice period of Section 173 from two months to six months, and on plans to restrict issuing of a Section 173 for six months after the start of the contract.

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    So that would make it how long to get rid of a tenant for ASB ? (since we know in practice that S21 is the only realistic route for a private landlord to take to remove someone that's being anti-social)

    2-3 months working with them to behave - then decide they're not behaving

    6 months notice on S21

    then another 4 months court accelerated possession and bailiffs ?

    So basically neighbours having to put up with it for at least a year.


    DISCLAIMER just my personal opinion - for legal advice consult a qualified professional grown-up.