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  • Landlord Resources

    Media for landlord learning & development

    Dear All,

    First post - But fellow Tribesman for some weeks now.

    I want to know what media other investors used to get the knowledge they have now - This can be Videos, books, CD's, Newsletters, websites...etc.

    Albeit I don't own any property yet, I will one day (in the next few years) and I want to take it full time.For now though, I swallow all the information I can, mainly through books and Youtube Videos.

    I've read...

    Samuel Leeds - Buy Low, Rent high - I know everyone's opinion of him, I share that same opinion. But his book was the first I read before I knew about him properly

    Robert Kiyosaki - Rich dad, Poor dad.

    Simon Zutshi - Property magic

    100 Tips for property investors by Rob Dix

    The Richest Man in Babylon ( Really enjoyed this, Took a lot away from it)

    Rent to Rent by Jacquie Edwards - Meh

    Richard Branson's Like a Virgin (Love that man)

    As you Youtube Material, I watch Samuel Leeds (Loosely), Tony Law, Grant Cardone, Property Tribes (Ofc).

    Can anyone add to the list of what helped them, be it big or small. I want to watch/read it all.





    I listen to a lot of property hub podcasts, there are hundreds!

    Books I've enjoyed, although not all about property include, think and grow rich, 7 habits of highly effective people and the magic of thinking big. Usually I go for audio Books as I can listen to these when driving or walking.

    It will be interesting to see what other people suggest.




    Funny I have actually read a lot of amwhat you have though definitely recommend ‘How to win friends and influence people’, I’ve actually just gone and bought 4 books, one of which is buy low rent high, what are people’s opinions on Samuel Leeds, am I under a rock? ?


    Over the years I've purchased loads of self help property books. Read a few pages here and there but that is it. They still sit on the bookshelf.

     There are 3 that have stood out as real players in property and business minded, self education. All I turn back to as they are timeless.These are:

    Multiple streams of property income by Rob Moore on Audible.   Found that his insight on when you get to twelve properties was spot on. It really helped focus and transform our prior dabbling in property and seeing it as a pension pot, in to how to utilise it as a source of income. Also, to think big and bigger and put that in to a reality.

    Also, Paul McKenna's books- How to think rich  and -How to change your life in 7 days.

    Both assisted in seeing property as part of a bigger picture and the application of that to nudge the day job to the side as the dabbled option instead of property.

    Quite liked Alan Sugar's- What you see is what you get. He is totally self made and I found the scruples that are relayed in his autobiography, I have tried to apply where I can in relating to others in the property arena. Really admire what I can gauge from him  on conducting business (from the secondary source)

    Others mentioned above have been useful too but the above stood out personally.

    If you have an echo or suchlike device, Audible can play through them at a two word command. Great if you are a multitasker.


    I listen to property podcast with Rob Dix & Rob Bence, which I find easy to listen to and useful.

    I loved the kiosaki book retire rich retire young, personally thought this better than rich dad poor dad.

    Use this website to see what other people think and feel part of a community.

    Now going to take a look at some of the recommendations on this post too


    Slowly working towards financial freedom