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  • Welsh PRS

    Minister reveals pilot for Welsh landlords

    Landlords in Wales could be offered incentives and other support to house those most in need, the Welsh Housing Minister has revealed.

    Speaking exclusively to the Residential Landlords Association’s Future Renting Wales conference in Cardiff yesterday, Rebecca Evans AM declared it to be an “exciting proposal”.

    She told those attending that she recognised that there were “increased” risks around tenants in receipt of benefits, due to benefits not meeting market rents and concerns about rent payments not being met in full and on time.

    The Minister said: 

    “Let me be clear, I want to find ways to eradicate the ‘no DSS’ barrier.

    “Poverty should not be allowed to be the basis for discrimination.

    “I want to see the Welsh Government do more to support landlords who are willing to widen access by providing security of income, protecting against voids and losses and ensuring support for tenants during the duration of their agreement - and helping to improve the standard of the property they are renting.”

    In return she said landlords would be expected to offer longer leases to tenants on benefits and low-income families.

    The Minister, who also addressed the conference last year, continued:

    “We are currently working on an exciting proposal to make an attractive offer of this type and it is one I want to move forward on at pace.

    “These are exciting times for housing in Wales.”

    Research by Manchester Metropolitan University, in conjunction with the RLA’s research arm, PEARL, has found that changes to the benefits system have led to an increase in homelessness from rented housing, and that more needs to be done to tackle the issue.

    RLA Vice Chair and it’s Director for Wales, Douglas Haig, said:

    “The RLA looks forward to working with the Welsh Government as it develops its proposals further.

    “With increasing numbers of vulnerable people looking to the private rented sector for a place to live it is vital that landlords have the support need to manage and meet the needs of such tenants.”

    Rebecca Evans also took part in this interview yesterday:

    *Footage courtesy of the Residential Landlords Association.

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    I haven’t listened to what the AM said but some councils, such as Monmouthshire are already offering incentives.

    I understand Monmouthshire are offering an annual bonus of £1,500.  

    On another note it is good that the AM recognises that people on benefit can be higher risk, which is what drives the discrimination from Landlords of No DSS (I do take DSS) which the likes of Shelter are trying to stop.  

    In many other business such as car / house insurance / mortgages they discriminate so why shouldn’t landlords who are handing over the keys to £10,000s if not £100,000s of their property assets?


    "In many other business such as car / house insurance / mortgages they discriminate so why shouldn’t landlords who are handing over the keys to £10,000s if not £100,000s of their property assets?"

    They don't discriminate, they let the persons credit rating/income answer the questions they need to be answered.

    There's already been a discussion on here about 'No DSS', have a search. Personally I think it's an amateurs move to state it.


    I am not supporting it just stating it is interesting that the AM appreciate there is an added business risk.

    With regards to your appointment thank you discriminate I’m not on your comment that they do not discriminate except on credit ratings I believe that they do.

    Car insurance companies discriminate on age and sex. I am not looking forward to my son having a car in a few years time.

    House insurance companies discriminate on DSS as a landlord this question is asked and some insurance companies will not insure BTL let our to DSS.


    "No DSS" is not discrimination.

    Witness the extraordinary lengths that Shelter have had to go to to manufacture a narrative that this could be the case - and then the only straw they have to grasp at is 'indirect discrimination', and they did not even get a binding ruling in a junior non-precedent-setting court, just a consent order i one case; that is a binding agreement between 2 parties witnessed by a Judge. In 'altogether' terms, this is a a naked king wearing one 1cmx1cm elastoplast on his left buttock.

    Clearly the "journalists" at say the BBC are puffing the story massively beyond the weight it will bear, but hey that's the 2018 Tabloid BBC for you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-42979242

    The statement of fact headline "Landlords who say 'no DSS' breaking equality laws" is a direct contradiction to the first 'could be' para "The thousands of lettings agents and landlords around the country who reject housing benefit claimants could be flouting equality laws, due to a recent legal case."

    Even if Shelter win such a precedent, which would be nutty as it would work against tenants and only fix a symptom not the cause, then individual business evaluation of each potential tenant would still show the problems with LHA tenants - and it is down to the way the system exists, not the individual tenant.

    If the Welsh Assembly Government in the Senedd wish to achieve their 'level playing field', then it will start with them creating a HB system which is not institutionally abusive of both landlords and tenants, and is run competently. Nothing else will do, especially willy-waving from the likes of Shelter and horribly exaggerated reporting from the media.


    How many hours do we spend chasing HB claimants that have their HB stopped ? How many times do we have missed payments from HB because the tenants circumstances change. It's a nightmare and there needs to be a big premium on having them .