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  • Entrepreneurs

    My 5 Top Tips For Property Success

    Hi all, this is my first ever post in PT so please be gentle.

    Vanessa saw a post I put out on Facebook last night and thought it would be helpful to the community if I shared it...

    Here's the post in full...

    My top 5 tips for success!

    So - I’ve had a bit of a strange day work wise and found myself distracted with a lot of noise in the world - something I’m usually good at filtering out. (I’m not sure why - maybe there’s a bit of mental fatigue at the moment… We’re not all cyborgs right!)

    One of the things that has caught my attention is a lot rhetoric about mindset and how people work. As ever on social media there is a split in the camp with different opinions on each side!

    One of the core teachings I covered in a high performance training programme I released last year was the fact that although it’s easy to say that success lies in mindset and “taking massive action” - this doesn’t actually address the core issues of why people don’t succeed in the first place.

    If it was as simple as visualisation and constant activity - we’d all be rich right?!

    So I’ve been reflecting this afternoon on some of the factors I think are important to success. I wouldn’t say I’m at the top end of the success spectrum by any means, and am always learning, growing and (hopefully) improving, but I’d like to think I’ve had a decent enough start in the world of business.

    I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a long post - in reality I’m trying to verbalise what’s on my mind and be held to account by my friends to uphold these standards.

    So - here they are - would love to know your thoughts and as always welcome healthy debate :-)

    1. Be exceptional at what you do.

    Of course, mindset is important, but not the only ingredient to success. If you are exceptional at what you do, people will take note and you will attract opportunity to you. Without a doubt - the best form of marketing you can have is proof and credibility to support your promise to the world.

    People talk about the 10,000 hour rule (of purposeful practise) and I see merit in this theory. The big picture take away is you should always be learning, growing and improving. The minute you sit back and get complacent is the moment your business will be in trouble.

    2. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Without a doubt, social media has been one of the biggest game changers for small businesses over the last few years. Global reach at a disproportionately low cost has disrupted the way businesses reach people and has devolved consumer reach to anyone with a laptop.


    I believe that this very same platform is one of the most dangerous things we have in our lives right now.

    Because - whilst it’s an enabler for small business owners - it also gives massive and instant reach to those who are masters in the art of influence but use it for more sinister reasons. Social media creates immediate trust and rapport, and communities are artificially created to provide significance to the individuals within. This is easy pickings for those who understand how to manipulate the human psyche and so I plea to you - please take everything you see, hear and read with a pinch of salt and do more DD!

    Additionally - I believe there is a global depression epidemic brewing in the younger generations as they view life through the social media filter. Understandably - reality doesn’t quite match up which is hugely damaging.

    This is something that I feel so passionately about, having been stung seriously myself in the past and see it happening right now to many others - that it is rapidly blending into my personal “why” and mission for the future.

    3. Diversity and Security.

    Following on from point 2, we do not live in a Disney movie and there isn’t an automatic fairy tale ending, regardless of how much you try to make it manifest with a positive mindset.

    You must always protect the downside in your business - ESPECIALLY when things are going well.

    Whether thats building oxygen reserves for the hard times, diversifying your wealth as you build it and always protecting the downside in everything you go into, always protect yourself from the worst case.

    Look - there will always be risk in business - you can’t get rid of it entirely… But you can do what you can to mitigate.

    Otherwise you may as well go to Vegas and put it all on black - at least you’ll have some fun in the process!

    4. Be Humble, Respectful And Stay True To Yourself.

    This is an interesting one - but I seriously believe as a western culture we are rapidly losing a lot of the values that previous generations have held so dear.

    A lot is said about the ‘Millennial Generation’ and the attitude of entitlement. I’m not going to disagree with this but I feel I’m seeing it creeping into the ‘entrepreneurial’ community as well - as if being an ‘entrepreneur’ entitles you to success and makes you smarter than other people in more traditional jobs and vocations.

    It doesn’t.

    Always keep your humility and be respectful to those you meet. If you truly believe in the law of attraction - then the real key to success is how you treat others - and that means everyone. We are all just human beings, a collection of bone, skin and other squidgy stuff! We should not compare each other as to what we do for a living, how much cash we have in the bank, what books we’ve read or other such nonsense.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the proverb of the monkey who climbs the tree higher…

    On another note - you have your own value set. There are many value sets people have - not necessarily right or wrong, just different. Be true to that and don’t change your own values to project into the world what you think it wants to see.

    5. Let Go….!!

    This is my biggest piece of advice and one I’ve learned in the last 6 months.

    When you let go, stop pushing to make things happen, and realise there is so much more to a fulfilling life than hitting financial goals…

    ...the world has a funny way of sending abundance your way.

    It’s as simple as that.

    I hope some of these points resonate - let me know what you think are the keys to success…


    Hi Rob,

    Welcome to the tribe and a really great first post. Smile

    #2 particularly resonates with me!

    I will replicate my facebook response to explain why:

    I was banned from the SA Group on Facebook for having the sheer audacity to ask for the name and registration of someone's company so that I could do some due diligence on them!

    Extensive searching on Companies House failed to come up with a company of the name given, so I asked for it.

    Instead of giving me the company number, the person concerned launched an attack against me to discredit my input. It was tantamount to abuse, yet I was banned, not the person concerned.

    The group mentality was that it was "negative" of me to not believe his claims of success and that I had no right to receive the information about his company!

    Interestingly, the individual concerned is now being promoted as an expert by a networking event, but when I contacted the organiser she was unwilling or unable to inform me of the company name or if she had done any due diligence on him. 

    You will notice that my question on youtube remains unanswered as well. 

    There are many people, particularly on Facebook, faking it until they make it or offering training and mentoring without actually having a proven track record of undertaking the strategy successfully themselves. There is no regulation in the wealth creation sector which makes it an extremely dangerous place for newbies, because they can get sucked in by false social proof.

    I suspect the vast majority of trainers do not do SA to the level they claim and many of them are unable to answer simple questions about compliance etc.

    By banning anyone who asks legitimate questions, the SA Group and other groups with a sales agenda ensure that no one can be challenged. I suspect this is because many of them are selling the dream and they worry that the attention may turn to them and their claims.

    One of the reasons these people operate so successfully on FB is that is a walled garden and not searchable by google, giving them some degree of protection, as does peer support when someone dares to challenge their claims of wealth and success.

    That is why a stand alone site like Property Tribes is such an important resources for new entrants who may get sucked into the wealth creation industry believing they are going to be a millionaire next year with no money!


    Glad to be here finally Vanessa - only taken 6 years ;-)



    That is an absolutely brilliant post, one of the best I have read in a very long time, well done.

    Point 2 raises a huge point that we often discuss in our office  because of the difficulties we experience with apprentices, and to a lesser extent young tenants,  you sum it up beautifully :-

    'Additionally - I believe there is a global depression epidemic brewing in the younger generations as they view life through the social media filter. Understandably - reality doesn’t quite match up which is hugely damaging'

    I hope to see more of your posts, all the best.


    Phil Stewardson.

    Stewardson Properties.

    Stewardson Developments Ltd.

    Burson Land Ltd. & Jennings & Gilchreaste Ltd.


    Follow me on twitter - @philstewardson

    Thanks Phil - I really appreciate that comment :-)  I recently employed 2 University leavers in one of my businesses (Oxford and Durham) and speaking to them about their views on the world and what is going on with teenagers is totally shocking...


    Hi Rob,

    Congratulations on having a "trending topic" on your first ever post! Smile

    ​I do hope you will contribute further in future now that you know we don't bite!!


    Basically just repeating commonsense that has departed many people.

    So nothing new really

    Watch out for conmen

    Don't believe the hype

    Anyone who resists full DD being carried out on them is by implication a conman.

    Who would wish to do business with any of these?

    Caveat emptor remains as valid as it ever did

    Just because stuff has moved online doesn't mean any less DD needs to be carried out.

    The walled garden would make me very suspicious.

    Full transparency is what I would require

    If not my wallet stays in my pocket!

    Look after number one and don't be concerned how others wish to perceive you.

    So if they want to call you a neg head, let them.

    Water off a duck's back.

    Don't be enticed by the happy clappy mob.

    Until the day I meet a Guru who has a million in equity from their investment strategems is the day I will believe a Guru is not talking b######s!

     As for the idiot millenials being depressed that their lives aren't like others

    Jesus give me strength!

    This is just an online version of Keeping up with the Jones's!

    Live your own life and stop comparing or contrasting your life with others.

    There can be no measure of what is success.

    It is how you feel.

    A charity worker can feel as successful as a merchant banker.

    Nobody can state what is a measure of success, least of all a peer group. Success is a very individual thing.

    It means different things to different people.

    A charity worker is no more successful than a merchant banker.

    We do what makes us feel the best.. That is success in my book, not how much money you have.


    I agree with all you say Paul - the problem is, although it is common sense, this often departs us when we are influenced by others.

    Trust is a powerful tool that can be mis-used - and often is.

    Is it the fault of the person who has allowed themselves to be conned? 

    I think not.

    We are all humans and susceptible to influence.

    I've been a victim of it and know many others who have also.

    It is highly embarrassing personally when one is conned - which is why most conmen get away with it as most people are not willing to come forward and share their experiences...


    Oh!!! Listen I totally agree that we make mistakes in trusting people

    I don't really like to admit it but I doubt there is a single person on this site who has been ripped off as much by my trusting family and associates.

    In hindsight  I shouldn't have trusted any of them.

    Being a Good Samaritan  is just another description  of a mug! !

    Trust is something you can only do if you can afford it.

    Many of us forget this maxim.

    We all believe we will be repaid.

    How stupid are we!?

    I prefer the Communist Party maxim

    Trust but verify!

    Just a bit more about trust which directly impacts on what you used to do.

    Redundancies  for thousands involved in making the brilliant Typhoon.

    The Spitfire  of the fighter jet world and better than the Rafaele

    I'm gutted for all those workers that have trusted Govt etc to maintain their jobs.

    A world beating aircraft  born out of probably the last European  coperation.

    To destroy the aerospace industrial base  is so incredibly naive

     Govt could buy some for the two AC carriers currently  without planes.

    The useless one that is coming has had rings flown round it by the Typhoon though I appreciate  for security  reasons you can't comment either way.

    All those workers who trusted and now their lives thrown into chaos

    You simply can't trust to anything these days.