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  • Entrepreneurs

    My Essential Property Book List - #2 Lisa Orme

    Property Tribes is pleased to announce a new feature thread series, My Essential Property Book List.

    [Image: image.promo360.jpg]

    We have approached a wide range of notable property people and asked them for their top 5 property books reading list.

    As we countdown to Christmas, we will be presenting these each week, culminating in the publication of the Property Tribes Top 100 books for property investors and landlords.

    Today, we present the list sent to us by Lisa Orme, Mortgage Broker extraordinaire, landlord, and longstanding and stalwart member of Property Tribes.

    [Image: LisaOrme.jpg]

    Lisa Orme's Essential Property Book List:

    1. "Rich Dad Poor Dad"; Robert Kiyosaki – started me off in property.

    2. "Conversations with Millionaires"; Robert Allen – idea overload!

    3. "The One Minute Millionaire"; Robert Allen – love the ‘2 books in 1’ style and shows you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

    4. "The E-Myth"; Michael E. Gerber – hated this book the first time I read it then re-read it again a year ago and was blown away! A lesson in the right book at the right time.

    5 "Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps"; Allan & Barbara Pease – if you don’t understand people you won’t succeed in property or business!

    Lisa has sent us this biography:

    Lisa Orme was a forensic scientist for 15 years before becoming a successful property developer and portfolio landlord in 2000. Lisa started her own mortgage brokerage in 2009 despite the financial crisis and has quickly become established as a leading property investment finance specialist. Well known in social media her opinion and advice is often sought by the press and lenders alike.

    Lisa's Personal Strategy:

    Build a large portfolio of properties that are easily rented and managed by others, wait for capital growth, sell a bunch and clear the mortgages on the rest then travel the world while living off the rent!

    [Image: house.png]Previous Book Lists:

    #1 Fergus Wilson

    [Image: house.png]More about Lisa:

    Interview with landlord and mortgage broker, Lisa Orme
    A very inspiring list, Lisa!

    1. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

    2. "Conversations with Millionaires" by Litman/Oman/Allen.

    3. "The One Minute Millionaire" by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen.

    4. "The E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber.

    5 "Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps" by Allan & Barbara Pease.

    Jayne Owen @jayneowen

    Editor and Writer: Your Property Network magazine

    Investor: Mozaique Property, South & West Wales and South West England

    Occasional reviewer at The Property Bookshop (@Property_Books)