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  • Mortgages & Finance

    New BTL mortgage products - April 2017

    An up-dating round up of new mortgage products and ranges launching throughout April 2017.

    Precise Mortgages is offering a 5-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage at 2.99% to 75% loan-to-value for limited companies or individual borrowers.

    The product comes with a 2.00% product fee and, with a minimum loan size of £350,000, has been launched with South Eastern landlords in mind.

    Chris Lloyd, associate director of high net worth broker Enness Private Clients, said: “This rate from Precise is market-leading – they will assess the maximum borrowing with the actual rate of interest rate of 2.99%, as opposed to how the high street tests affordability with an assumed stressed interest rate of 5.5%.

    “This exceptionally low rate allows the client to borrow a lot more than they can elsewhere.”

    He added: “Most landlords are now buying their buy-to-let properties as a limited company as it works out more efficient in terms of tax.

    “Interest rates for these clients are typically around 3.5% plus for a limited company buy-to-let mortgage.”

    Precise also offers a 5-year fix at 3.39% to 75% LTV for borrowers with a minimum loan size of £250,000.

    For all your mortgage and bridging needs, contact the team at Property Tribes Financial Services on 01206 654444.

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    ** available via the PTFinancialServices group **

    for more details, or to enquire about eligibility for this product, email us at BTL@PTFS.co.uk 



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    Yes I am loving Precise Mortgages innovative products.

    From memory - KRBS was offering the same rate on a 2 year fixed at just 65% LTV.

    Precise Mortgages with this Five Year Fixed Limited Edition product with 2.99% at 75% LTV.

    I love being a Master Broker for Precise Mortgages - our low fees and precise innovative products and criteria its looking like a good year for Bespoke Finance Team and our Landlords.
    Lets hope these lenders keep fighting each other to win over our Business.


    Looking for the Best BTL Mortgage? Call the Specialist Team at Bespoke Finance. The above is not financial advice, its me rambling - just passing time on a coffee break.

    Leeds Building Society has launched a five year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage at 3.10 per cent.

    The lender says the rate is market-leading and applies to house purchases or remortgages up to 70 per cent LTV.

    The loan has a £199 fee and a free valuation. Fees-assisted legal services are available for standard remortgages.