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  • Auction Tribe

    Online auctions with Bamboo Auctions

    You may have noticed a new tribe appear recently - Auction Tribe.

    Property Tribes is pleased to welcome a new sponsor and supporter, Bamboo Auctions, who are "powering" the discussions in that category.

    Bamboo Auctions is an on-line auction platform, most simply described as the "the ebay of property auctions".  You can use the platform (via auction partners) to sell a single property or an entire portfolio.

    Founder Robin Rathore joins me to give some further insights:

    What was so gratifying in this case, is that Robin approached us about creating the Auction Tribe.  There are many PT members who use auctions on a regular basis, and we hope this tribe will create additional awareness of buying property at auction, whether that be on-line or in the traditional sense.

    We will be hosting "Auction Week" in September with additional content about buying and selling at Auction.

    We hope you find this new tribe a useful resource.

    Visit the Bamboo Auctions website for further information.

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    Thank you to Bamboo Auctions for supporting landlord education & our community in this manner.  It helps maintain Property Tribes as a free-to-use community resource.

    Vanessa Warwick Landlord and Co-Founder of PropertyTribes.com **5 reasons to get your FREE portfolio review NOW**

    Hope you all enjoyed the video and found it interesting. If we have piqued your interest and you would like to learn more about the many benefits of online auctions, please feel free to drop us a line.

    In the meantime, check out the infographic below for some furthe content on how auctions shape the property industry:




    Bamboo Auctions
    0330 088 9659

    One Euston Square | 40 Melton Street | NW1 2FD


    Sell your property by online auction