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  • Tax

    Pension result this year £9730 to £11664

    Investments my first year of investing in pension I have returned around 20%

    Asset Name (Expand all)Total costQuantityLast priceValue
    Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity I Acc  (GB0033227561) Flagged£318.8557.040000£7.555400£430.96
    Fidelity American Spec Sit W Acc  (GB00B89ST706) £879.0879.330000£14.450000£1,146.32
    Fidelity Emerging Markets W Acc  (GB00B9SMK778) £341.08320.080000£1.364000£436.59
    Invesco Perpetual Income Z Inc  (GB00B8N46W86) £442.27161.300000£2.867700£462.56
    JOHCM UK Opportunities Y Inc  (GB00B95J5C19) £317.45251.156000£1.370000£344.08
    JPM US Equity Income C Inc  (GB00B3FJQ599) £889.82407.731000£2.819000£1,149.39
    Jupiter European I Inc  (GB00B4NVSH01) £365.4522.900000£18.543500£424.65
    Jupiter UK Special Situations I Inc  (GB00B66H8P73) £272.05176.590000£1.911600£337.57
    L&G UK Property Feeder I Inc  (GB00BK35F390) £589.231,085.346000£0.524300£569.05
    Liontrust Special Situations Inst  (GB00B57H4F11) £290.2393.959000£3.719000£349.43
    Neptune UK Mid Cap C Inc GBP  (GB00BWFGFL27) £320.70318.870200£1.124000£358.41
    Rathbone Income Institutional Inc  (GB00B7FQLQ43) £420.1447.090000£9.922300£467.24
    Schroder Global Emerging Markets Z Inc  (GB00B76V5R74) £309.17600.810000£0.706200£424.29
    Schroder Tokyo Z Inc  (GB00B58VQH84) £295.79398.450000£0.947300£377.45
    Schroder UK Smaller Companies Z Inc  (GB00B76V8019) £291.58284.660000£1.256000£357.53
    SLI UK Real Estate I Inc Feeder  (GB00BYPHPK88) £565.48536.000000£1.063000£569.77
    Somerset Emerging Markets Dividend Growth Inc  (GB00B4QKMK51) Flagged£327.71306.510000£1.378100£422.40
    Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders B Acc  (GB0033874768) £317.4960.313000£6.566000£396.02
    Threadneedle European Select Z Inc GBP  (GB00B98WQ465) £350.72292.600300£1.387200£405.90
    Threadneedle UK Equity Income Z Inc  (GB00B8169Q14) £405.14318.802400£1.457200£464.56
    Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Trust Inst Inc  (GB00BQ3G0Z13) £559.73111.893000£5.074000£567.75
    Trojan Income O Inc  (GB00B01BNW49) £432.73245.604000£1.901900£467.11
    Unicorn UK Income B Inc  (GB00B00Z1R87)


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Add in the tax relief and the gain is even greater.


    Yes 100% correct the Investment cost me net 40% less

    £3800 tax relief so the net cost is around £5760

    so really its £5760 to £11664

    No arrears No Repairs

    and very little work indeed 

    This is why I am not investing more in BTL


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Thats great DL you have chosen well

    shows what alternative investments can do in comparison to BTL

    BTL still for me though - comparison

    October 2016

    1 bed - 110K  + 3% SDLT + 8K refurb + sols fees + survey etc = approx 13K so 123K spent

    Rental Income in 6 mths  after service charges etc  approx  4K

    Worth 150K now

    Paperwork and project managing for refurb say 1 week total 9- 5  from my study

    3 hours site visit

    I enjoyed getting the deal,  planning the refurb , getting the tenant in etc

    Sorry but I just cant get motivated by Aberdeen Emerging Markets I`m afraid

    Net Profit if sold BTL  today - would clear   25K 

    will keep the asset though

    as in 15 years it will be maybe worth 300K and have provided about 135K income gross

    If you kept those pensions what would be the equivalent industry  projection

    Why not do both DL-  its a shame to not use all that BTL experience you have built up


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I am very happy to step away at present ??

    Profits from other investments could be used later in years to come to buy back into BTL

    Or Pay down debt if S24 gets worse

    I have enjoyed the picking of fund managers and I see opportunity here at present

    Its similar to BTL you need to research managers and listen to what they are saying in there comments

    have a good day DLx


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    1 year is a very short time though. I have a Fidelity investment and it went down so low it was a joke.

    Still, you have your BTL for stability so can look on this as a punt if it doesn't work.


    Its all about fund Choice Adam I think unless your proactive and take an interest in the investments it wont work

    Just like BTL

    The Market went down last week 2% I put more money in one of my funds and its positive Now

    The Tax Free Wrappers on Pensions and ISA is a massive plus

    every pound tax free you just cant get that from BTL

    Its due to Taxation I have gone cold on BTL

    Its not the princabe of BTL its the Taxation of BTL which is now the down side and Political Policy's too


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased it's working for you. It's healthy to have an alternative investment interest away from property as well. For some it's stocks, others it's classic cars etc.


    "The market" is MUCH cleverer than any of us: if the market thought that one fund manager was clearly better than another / all others, all the money would flow from the weaker ones to the better ones, lowering the purchase price of the weak ones and increasing the price of the good ones - so logically you must assume that all shares and all fund units are currently "fairly priced".  The stock markets are fundamentally different from the property market, in that there is a million times more information available about the stock market and any particular share, and the people actively competing with you (the analysts and traders at places like Goldman Sachs, Invesco, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, etc) hold PhDs in mathematics, statistical analysis, etc and spend 12-14 hours PER DAY focusing on finding better value, speaking to "investor relations" people at the companies whose shares are held, etc. (Getting to know their "1 street" - to use JC's famous "10 streets" analogy).

    Unless you have an "edge" in selecting shares (or selecting fund managers - the same logic applies to fund managers), you are just taking a punt and got lucky.  You may well have done better if you had just bought a FTSE100 tracker on 3 May 2016: you would have paid 6185. Today that FTSE100 tracker is worth 7233.  That's an increase of 16.94%.  Of course you can also buy such a tracker inside your pension and get all the benefits.

    Your investment appears to have grown from £10k to £11664.80 - that's a return of 16.7% - so slightly below the return of a FTSE100 tracker over the same period.  And you would be paying MUCH lower fees - around 0.1% per year (rather than the probably around 1% per year you are paying your expensive managers).

    A lot of the increase in the share prices - particularly FTSE100 - over the past year is due to the fall in the value of the pound after the referendum (because the large companies earn a bigger portion of their income in other currencies).  You can also see this in your fund selections: only 1 of your 9 best-performing funds are UK-based.

    But I agree that 


    Thanks you for the Input and I agree with you

    I am running some trackers at present and comparing them with fund managers

    Have a look at a fund First State Global Infrastructure fund Sec B Acc

    I have returned much higher than 16.94 %  I returned about 25% in the past year

    I am feeling my way with this so I am grateful for any input


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    OK. I worked off the aggregate purchase cost of all your funds as per the list above (£9993). Buying and selling (i.e. adding or moving money from one fund to another) after your initial purchase will affect the apparent "purchase cost" so this may throw off the calculations (but of course there are "transaction costs" each time you trade).  My calculation of your return  was a simple % increase calculation saying "DL started with £9993 and now has £11664".

    The tax wrapper is extremely useful, and should not be discounted.  And diversifying away from UK property is not a bad idea for someone - like yourself - who has so much of their wealth tied up in UK residential property.  I would just caution that quite a bit of your return for example is simply the result of £ weakness. Having such a "hedge" against £ weakness is worthwhile in itself (especially given where Brexit appears to be heading), but I think you need to acknowledge that you got lucky, are not a fund-picking genius and investing in shares (or funds) will not always be this easy.