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  • Property-a-holics

    Professional property buyer, Jason Cohen

    Welcome to the next instalment of our "Smart Landlord" 2019 campaign, which we've launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Property Tribes.

    You've heard of smart phones, smart highways, smart meters ... well, this month Property Tribes champions the concept of the "smart landlord" as we believe that is the profile of the landlord who will survive the current challenging market conditions and taxation and regulatory landscape.

    Smart things are adaptive to change, problem solving and always seeking out efficiencies to operate more smoothly and at a higher level, and that is how the smart landlord approaches their business.

    Here is a reminder of our Smart Landlord mind-map:

    Today we here from professional property buyer Jason Harris Cohen, who buys around 20 properties per month and also maintains a portfolio of between 60 and 100 properties at any one time.

    Always looking for the angles and opportunity, Jason founded Landlord Buyers to purchase tenanted properties for cash.

    It is interesting to hear Jason talking about investing in tenants, as well as properties, and also being very pro-active on up-grades, something that most landlords wait until it becomes absolutely necessary to undertake.  Jason also mentions moving away from the South East and buying in specific areas in the North.

    Here is a reminder of some of the helpful articles Jason has contributed to Property Tribes:

    Things to consider when developing

    Check list for property inspections

    I'll show you my yield if you show me yours!

    The costs of holding an empty rental property

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    Please also join the conversation and share your tips for what makes a smart landlord and the smart things landlords should be doing to survive and prosper!

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