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  • Property Prices

    Property market starts to stall claim RICS


    It was an announcement homebuyers and sellers barely needed to be told – Britain’s property market is going through its flattest period in the last five years. A report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) found that demand from buyers, and new instructions from sellers, were down again, the lowest figures since 2013.

    The survey paints a picture of the UK market as one affected by the poor weather earlier this year, fears over the effects of the Brexit negotiations, and even bitter infighting among estate agents to get properties on their books.



    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Great. There will be bargains about again then.

    Its been hard work and hugely time consuming finding decent deals for the past 12mths. Bring back the good old days when we were tripping over deals.


    Phil Stewardson.

    Stewardson Properties.

    Stewardson Developments Ltd.

    Burson Land Ltd. & Jennings & Gilchreaste Ltd.


    Follow me on twitter - @philstewardson

    Oh its going to come

    I predicted Stagnation of property prices at best

    But I think Now the crash will start in London and spread out to the rest of the UK

    The problem is when it starts How will the Govt Stop the slide

    They can hardly use Interest Rates as they have done in the past

    we are going down a Dead End Road  with this and the only way money will be made from property will be yield

    If you and I invest on yield only we will make more money than ever before

    Buy back into the market in say 5 years with yields over 8%  and its a winner

    Put aside Capital Growth its a red herring going forward in my opinion


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Can't see a rate rise in May now then?


    I agree with you


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Remarkable that the economy can’t cope with a .25% rate rise to the “heights” of 0.75%.


    I sort of breathed a sigh of relief  when an agent rang me up the other day instead of the other way around

    He had a 2 bed for 230K he wanted to offload . He wanted me to view  - normally i ring him  to view

    Finally after strong growth ( some  of mine doubling ) since 2010 house prices may well  take a breather in some areas

    In other areas they may well  keep climbing  or start climbing

    Property cycles in different areas don`t mirror each other . That`s the beauty of a free economy

    I personally stick with the one area so dont take advantage of these differentials

    I admire people who do shop around the country  though - if they get it right they are quids in .

    I`m fairly conservative with regards to this shopping around .... aka I`m awfully lazy.

    Anyway I said to this agent - But they were 215K this time last year not 230K  - call me back when they will accept 200

    Part of me wants him  not to ring me back because that`s means its probably sold for maybe 225K or asking price even

    Part of me wants to yes see it on the sold prices on rightmove in 3 mths  time gone and sold for 225K

    That means its gone up by about 4.65% in the last year . I can happily live with that with my existing portfolio

    Part of me wants to see it on the sold prices on rightmove for 230K asking price

    That means its gone up 7%.  Thats even better . But it may not sell and it may be reduced . Time will tell


    If you have 10 x 215K houses bought at 215K and this one sells at 230K you are then 150K better off than  a year ago

    If they however go down to 200K then on paper yes you've lost 150K

    But your rent at a decent yield is still coming in  right  - so you are not that phased really .

    In fact you expect this at some point in the property cycles . Youve planned for this naturally

    You in fact look to maybe buy 10 more now because prices  are off their peak so get on in there

    Then when they go back up to 215K you are  even stevens on your 20

    10 have lost 150K but 10 have gained 150K . Its all on paper so its just numbers on a page at this point

    You got your bread and butter rent coming in on 20 now rather than 10 so you are still better off in hard cash terms

    But the real beauty is that when they go again to 230K  ( which they will ) you are now 450K better off

    When they go to 250K ( which they will ) you are now 850K better off

    That`s why I love property .

    It offers so many ways to make money as the years tick by whether prices go up or down

    Acquire property


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Great comment!

    Totally agree!

    Buy property & wait!

    Don't wait to buy property!?