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  • Property-a-holics

    Property people to follow on Twitter?


    Just restarting my Twitter back up, had a good clear out of all the useless accounts that I follow ?? ..  I'm after some accounts to follow for news, motivation and to get involved with other active users around property/money.

    Just wondered who people follow on here, either for serious property info or just a bit of motivational fun to spur you on for the day.

    No no no, delete Twitter and Facebook and use your time productively !!!
    True, but then spend the non-serious time with your family/friends/hobbies rather than "following" a load of attention seeking old b*llocks on your smartphone!!!

    I'd pretty much agree with you there JohnA (PaulB in disguise!).

    I'd rather be on this forum with people doing/questioning rather than blatantly looking to sell.

    I find the whole Twitter 'tweeting' all the exciting things about peoples business/lives/what their cat just did etc. a bit desperate TBH.

    I also think it has been one of the major culprits in reducing peoples ability to communicate in multiple sentences with detail.

    LOL, innit, smiley face, thumbs up etc. don't mean anything.

    Rant over! #Ireallyhatethatwholehashtagloadofcarp

    JohnA (PaulB in disguise!)

    Oiiiiiiiii !! I'm far more eloquent (although equally grumpy!)

    You can find a list of the top 500 property influences on social media >>> here. 

    My twitter handle is @4_Walls.  If you go to my account and click on who I follow, there are some great people on my list.

    Here's another list of property peeps with over 5K followers:

    1. @KirstieMAllsopp 396k
    2. @PipofftheTV 156k
    3. @SimonShinerock  136k
    4. @rightmove 81.4k
    5. @Zoopla 64.9k
    6. @JulieTwistMCR 64.5k
    7. @danielsLondon 56.6k
    8. @TeleProperty 49.1k
    9. @Savills 47.8k
    10. @knightfrank 45.2k
    11. @estatesgazette 42.5k
    12. @CharlesDarrowUK 38.6k
    13. @PrimeLocation 36k
    14. @millertandc 34.6k
    15. @GeckoOnlineEA 32.7k
    16. @tepilo 30k
    17. @landandnewhomes 21.9k
    18. @ 19.1k
    19. @nationalandlord 18.5k
    20. @HenryPryor 17.9k
    21. @sansomeangeorge 17.4k
    22. @Paul_Rout 16.8k
    23. @RLA_News 16.2k
    24. @TheNeg 16.2k
    25. @SonaliShah 15.8
    26. @LandlordZONE 15.7k
    27. @nicktadd 15.1k
    28. @naea_uk 15k
    29. @AgentMediaUK 14.9k
    30. @LandlordRef 14.6k
    31. @struttandparker 14.1k
    32. @4_Walls 13.8k
    33. @sally_lawson 13.8k
    34. @TPOmb 13.7k
    35. @SurveyorsNews 13.6k
    36. @savoysestates 13.5k
    37. @DamianWild 13.4k
    38. @RightmoveAddict 13.1k
    39. @RightSurveyors 13k
    40. @propertyowl 12.6k
    41. @MartinCoUK 12.2k
    42. @Cluttons 12k
    43. @CJWBlogger 11.9k
    44. @placebuzz 11.2k
    45. @lawsonslet 10.9k
    46. @marshandparsons 10.7k
    47. @Cost2Build_UK 10.6k
    48. @landlordtweets 10.5k
    49. @ChoicesCLondon 10k
    50. @Top3Agents 10k
    51. @MellorAuction 10k
    52. @HomeLet 10k
    53. @MauriceKilbride 9.7k
    54. @landlordnews 9.6k
    55. @RealEstateHove 9.5k
    56. @EdwardFoley 9.5k
    57. @houseladder 9.3k
    58. @Dorian_Belvoir 8.9k
    59. @Landlord_Today 8.9k
    60. @SpareRoomUK 8.8K
    61. @HomesforBritain 8.7k
    62. @Hamptons_PR 8.5k
    63. @WhichAgent 8.3k
    64. @Concentric_Let 8k
    65. @The_DPS 8k
    66. @Safeagent 7.7k
    67. @adrian_thompson 7.7k
    68. @iAmALandlord 7.6k
    69. @ThomasMorrisEA 7.5k
    70. @agencytrainer 7.2k
    71. @reppermediator 7.1k
    72. @LuscombeandCo 7k
    73. @AnthonyPepeEA 6.6k
    74. @baseproperty 6.4k
    75. @mydeposits 6.4k
    76. @PropIndEye 6.3k
    77. @FineandCountry 6.3k
    78. @AgencyExpress 6.2k
    79. @PropertyNetGang 6.2k
    80. @lettingproperty 5.8k
    81. @KFHproperty 5.7k
    82. @LA_Today 5.7k
    83. @EAELIVE 5.7k
    84. @AgentsMutual 5.7k
    85. @housingdabble 5.7k
    86. @TessaShepperson 5.5k
    87. @Rentmansoftware 5.5k
    88. @evictatenantuk 5.5k
    89. @aPropertyMattR 5.4k
    90. @TenancyDeposits 5.2k
    91. @Upad 5k
    92. @RobsonsWeb 5k
    93. @ChilternsLtd 5k
    94. @robertsnewby 5k
    95. @CommEnergyUK 5k
    96. @TimRussandCo 5k
    97. @findahood 5k
    98. @PropertyPenny 5k
    99. @OpenRent 5k
    100. @HB_solicitors 5k

    Hope that helps?


    What is your twitter name, as I can follow you back, if I am not already doing so ... Smile