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  • Technology

    Property rental & price due diligence

    Welcome to our next instalment of "Get into the property groove for 2017", with more inspiring content to kickstart your property year.

    Undertaking due diligence on a prospective property deal is absolutely vital to successful investing.  Two key metrics are price comparables - to understand the true market value of the property - and rental comparables, so that you can check your deal stacks up.

    Today, we talk to Mel from NetHousePrices.com about the resources her site provides to assist landlords in undertaking rental and price comparables for prospective investments.

    You can find out more by visiting the NetHousePrices.com website.* 

    *Transparency notice:  Property Tribes has no commercial relationship with the featured company.

    For further information on property valuations see - Masterclass in valuing a property 

    If you have got value from this content, please share it on social media using hashtag #GITPG2017.

    The campaign/content so far:

    Day 1   #GITPG2017 - 5 things to kickstart your year

    Day 2   What landlords should focus on in 2017

    Day 3   Property positives for landlords in 2017

    Day 4    Low risk way to get started in BTL

    Day 5    Ways to assess tenant demand

    Day 6    Get into the networking groove in 2017

    Day 7    Become a more active landlord in 2017

    Day 8    Tips for landlord self-assessment tax returns 

    Day 9    Property marketing technology - space mapping

    Day 10  How to keep your eye on the property prize 

    Day 11  Efficient property management

    Day 12    Property strategies suited to the 2017 market

    Wednesday:   Solicitor David Smith shares his insights into what 2017 will bring from a regulatory perspective.

    What other things will you be doing this month to get back into the property groove and prepare for the new year?

    SEE ALSO  -         Rightmove vs. Zoopla - getting the most out of the portals for property research

    UP NEXT -            Top 10 Property Tribes resources to learn how to find property deals 
    DON'T MISS -        Comprehensive list of property due diligence sites.

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