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  • Property-a-holics

    Property Tribes Review of 2017 for landlords

    As the year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on 2017 and what it brought for landlords.

    I think it has been a very challenging year - a year of change and uncertainty.

    We've had two budgets, 1 election, the advance of Section 24, the implementation of the PRA, the roll-out of Universal Credit, the first base rate rise in over a decade, landlord bashing rife in the media, and more legislation and regulation than you could shake a stick at!

    Property Tribes launched 2017 with our "Get into the property groove" themed month of content to get landlords fired up for the new year.  For 2018, we are launching our "3 things" campaign which will showcase videos of industry commentators with their advice on the three things landlords should focus on in 2018.  We've got some truly cracking content for that, so tune in from January 1st.

    Despite all of the above, we've remained positive and pragmatic:

    Reasons I am feeling positive about BTL! 

    Thank you

    We've had some great themed weeks throughout the year:

    Property Fraud Awareness Week 2017 - powered by Anthony Gold Solicitors

    Monday              An overview of property fraud & warning signs

    Tuesday             Mentor, JV, property deals, and loans scams

    Wednesday        Rent to Rent scams

    Thursday            Identity fraud - rental property perspective

    Friday                 Lettings fraud 

    HMO Week 2017 - powered by Platinum Property Partners

    Monday -          Launch of HMO Week 2017 with Steve Bolton - discussing popularity of HMOs and trends in
                             the market

    Tuesday -         Sourcing an area suitable for an HMO and finding a suitable property   

                             Financing of HMOs - insights and criteria                   

    Wednesday -   Legal and licensing considerations / refurbing an HMO and optimising the lay-out

    Thursday -       Small HMOs vs. "Super HMOs" 

    Friday -            Creating harmonious households

    Saturday -        Avoiding voids in HMOs

    Sunday -          Getting rid of a bad tenant from an HMO

    Universal Credit Week 2017 - powered by Caridon Landlord Solutions

     Launch of UC Week and free guide 

    Universal Credit FAQs & PT member case study 

    Landlord Managed Payments - Case Study 

    Alternative Payment Arrangements - case study 

    Universal Credit - Jargon buster & case study

    Axe the Tenant Tax Awareness Week 2017 - powered by Tenant Tax campaign

    Launch of "Axe the Tenant Tax Awareness Week"  

    Up-date from National Landlords Association

    Landlord Gemma Shinh on impact of S24 on her 

    Up-date from Residential Landlords Assoc. 

    Up-date from ARLA/propertymark 

    Tenancy Deposit Protection Week 2017 - powered by TDS

    Monday -      TDP - history and highlights 

    Tuesday -     Choosing TDP - Custodial vs. insured scheme?

    Wednesday - How to protect a deposit professionally

    Thursday -     Importance of the inventory in TDP

    Friday -          Ending the tenancy and return of the deposit

    Self Managing Landlords Week 2017 - powered by Upad

    Monday -      Should you self-manage?

    Tuesday -      Conducting viewings

    Wednesday - Most common landlord/ tenant complaints

    Thursday -     HMO Management

    Friday -          Setting up a tenancy - Legal Guide 

    Insurance Week 2017 - powered by Alan Boswell Group

    Monday -      A beginner's guide to landlord insurance

    Tuesday -      Common issues with landlord insurance

    Wednesday - 3 types of personal protection all landlords should consider

    Thursday -     Rent defautlers - insurance perspective

    Friday -          The importance of calculating rebuild value

    Young Entrepreneurs Week 2017 - powered by Caridon Group 

    Monday -  Rajan Bahra

    Tuesday - Harvey Pearson / Sophie Ali

    Wednesday - Murat Haykir

    Thursday - Jerome Mcbean and Shaun Barrett

    Friday - Daniel Jenyo.


    Wow mega post V -  Do you ever sleep!

    My video of the year is included  in your collection - Denise Naylor LL of 29 years

    I was mulling over how best to deal with sec 24 then she popped up to reinforce what i was thinking

    Her endorsement of a counter intuitive strategy  enabled me to press the on switch

    I  put into action  what my head was thinking

    Don`t shrink in fear - Bite back

    Go Big


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    This year has been a really good year for me apart from S24

    Still doing the Landlord Shuffle and its going well

    Pension planning doing well claiming back extra tax

    and the Big move for me is Building to Rent

    what I lose on the swings I will gain on the Roundabouts

    Gone from running a corner shop to a supermarket

    Roll on 2018


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Thanks JC.

    The post only took me about an hour to compile. Smile

    I agree that Denise's video was very insightful. I also loved our Young Entrepreneurs Week and found those young people very inspiring.


    An  hour - thats impressive

    with my Archaic stone age  IT skills that would have been a lifetimes work for me!

    DL`s posts are also worthy of note in a 2017 review

    Credit to her

    Her NE knowledge and experience provides a great insightful balance to my  SE viewpoint

    Pity about her current temporary ISA fetish though .....but her new build to rent projects are exciting and i look forward to their birth

    Even though  i am always arguing with her   I may as a friendly sign of festive  goodwill give her some of my capital growth as a surprise in  her Christmas stocking  for being such a worthy top notch adversary throughout the year :-)


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com