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  • Buy-to-Let

    Property Tribes welcomes Nova Financial

    It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Nova Financial Group as the new sponsor of Property Tribes and the BTL Tribe.

    Nova is a multi-award winning, privately-owned and independent property advisory group. They focus on helping clients achieve lifestyle and financial goals, and ultimately financial freedom, by providing specialist advice on leveraged buy-to-let property investment. This end to end advisory service ensures that their clients make confident and educated decisions every step of the way throughout their property journey.

    Their new approach is centered on what is right for you by focusing on you and your goals, rather than money or investments by taking the “sales” out of property investment.

    The big difference between Nova and others in the BTL space is they do not sell properties as they have nothing to sell, they provide independent advice and guidance on what is right for you and they act as your advisor rather then trying to sell you something off a list.

    Some of their services include;

    • Personal finances
    • Goal setting
    • Strategy
    • Research & Due diligence: Sourcing
    • Mortgage advice
    • Property management
    • Portfolio building

    Their view is that although the right investment is important, it is simply a means to an end. They work with you to determine the most suitable strategy based upon your goals and preferences.

    Then they apply their wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist you along the right path from start to finish.

    Further to this, given their buying power in the market (their clients buy circa 30 properties a month at present), they ensure you get the best deal every time!

    Property Tribes recently interviewed Nova Financial M.D. Paul Mahoney at the Landlord Investment Show to find out more about how they support landlords:

    In the interview, we mentioned Paul's book:

    If you’d like to find out more about them, you can visit their website or buy their Managing Director’s recently published, Amazon #1 bestselling book, "The Property Pension Plan, Financial Freedom through Buy to Let Investment".


    Or if you’d to get in touch now, you can do so on; 0203 8000 600 or info@nova.financial 

    Please join us in welcoming Nova Financial to the Tribe!


    Welcome to Nova Financial on Property Tribes! It’s always great to see new companies joining up to help investors and Landlords with their journeys. I look forward to hearing from Nova Financial, and I’m sure they will be a great contribution!


    Transparency notice: OneandOnlyPro is a commercial partner of Property Tribes.