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  • Property-a-holics

    Reasons I am feeling positive about BTL!

    The mood at the Olympia Landlord and Investment show earlier this week was somewhat negative. Landlords clashed with Iain Duncan Smith about Section 24, Universal Credit, and the time it takes to evict a delinquent tenant.

    There is also a great deal of doom and gloom in the media which is surely putting off new entrants into the sector.

    So to counter that, I thought I would share some reasons why I am feeling positive about being a landlord.

    1.  Interest rates

    These are still at an historic all-time low and are the base rate is unlikely to rise much beyond another 1% imho.

    Interest rate rise - landlord perspective

    Meanwhile, rising inflation continues to erode debt.

    2.  Mortgage products remain very competitive

    With BTL mortgage applications in decline, lenders are remaining very competitive with their rates, many continuing to reduce them.

    Lenders slash BTL mortgage rates to tempt LLs

    Ltd co. mortgage rates are also coming into line with sole trader rates, with new entrants, including TMW coming into the market.

    TMW Launches LTD Co BTL

    3.  Our holiday let had a cracking month in October - typically an off-season month.

    Holiday let - every portfolio should have one

    4.  All our properties are currently tenanted with no rental arrears.

    As the pool of landlords diminishes due to other landlords selling up, those that remain will have a greater choice of quality tenants.

    Up-date: Sold 25 properties to date > S24 

    Number of private landlords in decline 

    Housing crisis? You ain't seen nothing yet! A "perfect storm" is brewing. 

    Suppliers of products and services will also be chasing fewer landlords, so will be making great offers and offering discounts, helping landlords boost their bottom line.

    5.  There is now more support and free information for landlords than ever before in the history of landlordism

    We can tap into landlord intel to ensure we prosper and thrive.

    Landlord of 29 years faces up to Section 24 

    Landlord of 50 years shares his words of wisdom. 

    5 bed HMO conversion Vlog 

    Directory of all Property Tribes' free guides 

    Directory of "Themed Weeks" content 

    Directory of favourite content and comments 

    Amazing words of wisdom from Sir John Templeton ... an enduring blueprint for all investors ...?

    Thank you to the regulars on PT 

    12 positive things to do today to break "property investor's block" & move forwards.

    Knowledge and becoming an expert at research reduces your risks:

    PT TV: Due diligence guide and tips from industry professionals 

    For those who mitigate risk, weather the storm and overcome challenges, there will be good times ahead imho!

    6.  There is opportunity for those who seek it out

    “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on scepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” - Sir John Templeton

    As prices stagnate and decline, now is a great time to bag a bargain!

    Deal Sourcing Week 2016 - powered by RepoList

    Monday -         An overview of deal sourcing & the different channels

    Tuesday -        Deal sourcing for newbies

    Wednesday -   Looking for the angles

    Thursday -       Dispelling the myth about Below Market Value (BMV)

    Friday -            Crunching the numbers & stacking deals.

    7.  Younger landlords coming into the sector have new ways of doing things

    Older landlords can learn so much from those who are adopting technology and seeing the angles, not to mention get inspired by these young people and bring new energy into our businesses as a result.

    Get set for "Young Entrepreneurs" Week 2017 

    8.  For every dark cloud in property you can find a silver lining.

    9 irrefutable reasons why property is still a viable investment + Landlord Survival  

    Landlords can look at their existing stock and see if it might work better as a holiday let or serviced accommodation, or look to develop existing properties and add value.

    Jonathan Clarke had these words of positivity back in 2013 that remain true today:

    A pretty much done deal that if you invest today in 20 years time prices will be at least double what they are now .

    A pretty much done deal that you can also get £300 positive cash flow from each property you invest in

    Property is as good today as it was 10 years ago and the 10 years before that 

    Even if you buy at asking price you will still get rich over time

    Property is very forgiving over time of errors of judgement you may make when buying 

    Time is your friend ​

    Why not share what you are feeling positive about?

    SEE ALSO  -       Thank you

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    In My own little world I am the same This year will be the largest Profits I have ever made

    S24 I can coupe with and its going to be ok

    I look forward to the Coming years If the Govt leaves the sector alone

    I know I keep going on about S24 and S24b and Taxation of Companies  because I worry about it

    Maybe I am to sensitive and take it personal

    The Budget this Month will show us more

    We have headwinds to face Letting Fee Ban PRA regs are just two

    But if my business is left alone  I will be happy Lady

    My Tax rate even after my arrangements will still be around 60% on 2017 /18 profits  I I had done nothing it would have been around 80%

    With Tax so high I have got no reason to expand my business

    The building days are at an end

    And I am thinking very hard about leaving the uk to live in my home in Gibraltar

    The UK is becoming a worse place to live

    and I should be thankful to have the money made by BTL to have a choice where I do want to live


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    Positive news for landlords with London property:

    Real estate firm CBRE forecasts that prices in London are set to rise at 9.1% per annum, a third higher than the average rate across the UK.

    The firm’s latest analysis report points out that this year the outer London boroughs have performed particularly well, with house prices in most increasing at a higher rate than the London average of 4%.

    It says that increased activity in boroughs such as Havering, Waltham Forest and Barking and Dagenham reflects their relatively affordable status, as well as investment in to regeneration that brings new homes, better transport links and more employment opportunities.

    Full/source article


    I think this is a fantastic post. I agree with you on so many of the points as well, I think there is a huge shift towards people like me working with experienced people in property - I know it has had a huge impact on my career in property and I hope that my ideas have helped other more experienced landlords.

    Especially the point about the information - places like this are a great resource and can help us all get through what is perceived as the attack on landlords and will make it more professional which is only a good thing isn't it? I mean to quote Kim Stones 'A rising tide raises all ships?' I think this is so true in today's market.

    An excellent positive post!


    The ships will only rise if they have not been torpedoed with the coming tide

    If the Govt don't want us they will regulate and Tax us out of business

    It all depends on what they have in mind

    None of us really know which way this will go

    we could all find our world at the bottom of the sea

    S24 PRA are here now ???

    What's around the corner in over 30 years of being a Landlord I have never known such and uncertain future

    They have the Dagger at our back will they plunge it deeper.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    great post. I am hoping the chancellor is going to undo some of Osborne's changes. If the 3% additional SDLT is removed I will be doing cartwheels. That 3% is straight off the bottom line for all buy improve sell projects.


    Actually it's much more than 3% off the bottom line: if you buy with the expectation of achieving, say, a 20% return on your initial investment, but spend 10% of the purchase price (excluding SDLT) on improvements and sale costs, than the 3% SDLT is a 30% extra tax on your real returns. Is anyone still doing Property-Ladder-style buy-improve-sell in the UK? With falling house prices, I can't see how anyone makes any money for all the effort involved, unless there is subdivision involved or some other kind of redevelopment or dramatic expansion in footprint.

    The 3% is also a new tax on small developer-landlords like me, buying land with or without an existing property on it, and planning to re-develop. This is on top of hefty S106 or CIL taxes on new-build property, followed by corporation tax on any profits, and income and dividend tax if I have the cheek to try and take some money out of my development company for my own benefit.

    Out of all the capital and income-generating assets in the UK, I wonder if there is anything more heavily taxed than residential property?


    House prices are rising over much of the UK, quite rapidly around where I am.


    Nice one V

    Positivity should be the natural resting state I feel and it always is with me

    I recognise though that state of being in me is down to  my genes and my environment and I am fortunate

    I cant  alter my genes but I can alter  my environment

    Some peoples natural resting state though is negativity

    I`m fortunate that I always feel ok and dont have to work at it

    Some people I see  struggle and I kinda understand that but that is not really true if I am honest

    Because i have never really been there so how could I know

    I see though that some people can switch between the two states of mind

    And that often depends on  who they are with

    That gives them the  power to choose who to be around

    When I read this book it helped me let some people go or at least compartmentalise them in my life


    Some people around you  ( maybe daily )  drain you dry and they are sometimes the  silent enemy

    They often dont know they are doing it . Sometimes they do

    Open that plughole when they start so their negativity drains away faster

    Make excuses but just get out of their brain drain

    If you have an upbeat starting point every day its easier to be successful in property and in life

    You can be 100% positive about negative stuff

    There is always a route clear away from the clouds . Just keep on driving forwards

    Its always sunny in some part of the world at any one time . Seek the sun.


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com