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  • Technology

    Right to Rent compliance

    Welcome to the final day of "Tenancy Compliance Week" 2017, powered by Upad Basic, a new service from Upad that assists landlords in being compliant.

    Upad Basic offers landlords advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location for just £45. Enquiries can be managed through an online account and email queries will be answered by Upad’s Customer Care team within 48 hours.

    Upad Basic also includes the Tenancy Compliance Service: landlords upload legally required documents including EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, Deposit Protection Certificate and Prescribed Information to their online account. Finally, Upad provides the Gov.uk How to Rent Guide and serves to tenants in one combined document with proof of service.

    Today, Upad Basic has provided us with this article about Right to Rent checks.

    Right to Rent checks were brought in on the back of The Immigration Act, requiring landlords and agents to check the immigration status of tenants since February 2016. Landlords must check ID of all adult occupiers in residential tenancies, or face fines of up to £3000 and potentially imprisonment. But what effect has this had?

    A report named ‘Passport Please’ suggests that it may be causing discrimination against tenants from non-UK nationalities . The report shows that those that have moved from their home countries to the UK and British citizens without passports, particularly those from ethnic minorities, would be rejected by over half of landlords. These are the overall results of the report;

    • 51% of landlords would be less likely to let their property to foreign nationals
    • 42% of landlords would be less likely to let their property to an applicant without a British passport
    • In a mystery shopping exercise, 58% of landlords turned down a black British tenant without a passport

    Before we start more vilification of landlords based on these findings, perhaps we should look to understand why they would be led to automatically reject applicants without a passport or with a time limited rent to live in the UK.

    With the threat of a large fine up to £3000 and imprisonment, many landlords would prefer not to take the risk if presented with two similar applicants, one with a British passport and one without.

    Although the government has issued guidance on how to correctly carry out checks, many landlords are understandably concerned about falling foul of the regulations.

    At Upad, we’re understanding that tenancy compliance is becoming more and more difficult for landlords, which is why we’ve launched the new service for all Upad customers: Tenancy Compliance Service.

    Landlords will be able to upload all legally required documents into our website, including:

    • EPC
    • Gas Safety Certificate
    • Deposit Protection Certificate
    • Prescribed Information

    We’ll then upload the most recent copy of the How to Rent Guide and send to the tenants in one combined document. Landlords will be safe knowing they’ve fully complied with the Deregulation Act, plus they’ll have proof of service should they need to rely on it later.

    Try our Upad Basic package, including Tenancy Compliance Service, for just £45 to get access to Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.

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    Thursday - "How to Rent" Guide and EPCs

    The team at Upad would like to thank Property Tribes for hosting  "Tenancy Compliance" Week, and members for taking the time to read.

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