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  • Property-a-holics

    RLA research by PEARL - a year in review

    This month sees the first anniversary of the Residential Landlords Association research lab PEARL.

    It has been a year since the RLA launched the RLA Private renting Evidence, Analysis & Research Lab (RLA PEARL). In this short time, they have achieved a great deal, especially at a time when the political focus on the private rented sector is intensifying.

    There has been a lack of evidence and research on the private rented sector and the RLA set up PEARL to address this. They research the social, political, and economic issues affecting the private rented sector and then use these findings to ensure that policy-makers have the evidence needed to inform the future direction of policies. In their first year, PEARL have achieved significant successes with their research driving change from improving regulations to the reform of how universal credit is implemented.

    The RLA has been undertaking and commissioning research before they developed PEARL, two years ago they set up their State of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) quarterly surveys, and they have continued this as one of their core activities.

    This research programme provides them with a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of landlord attitudes, experiences and concerns, and on the back of the findings, the ability for them to identify policies that could help make renting better for all.

    The RLA have shared the results widely through in-depth reports and short briefing papers to influence MPs, Peers and Civil Servants in their policy-making, but also the media to develop the public understanding of the issues in the private rented sector.

    RLA research has opened doors to policy-makers across the UK, and they have held meetings with high-profile Peers, MPs and civil servants to discuss the findings of their research, such as meetings with DWP over Universal Credit and the Treasury over taxation reform.

    Their research findings were used by the RLA’s Senior Policy Officer, Natalie Williamson, in the evidence provided to the Work & Pensions Select Committee on Universal Credit and Housing. All of these meetings with the DWP and the evidence presented to the Select Committee has enabled significant changes to be made to the roll-out of Universal Credit over the last few months.

    Most recently, PEARL's research has been cited extensively by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government in their consultation document on the Barriers to Longer Term Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector.

    However, the research is not just influencing policy-makers, we have been actively sharing our research with academics and stakeholders across the UK and internationally and also via social media.

    Find out more here

    Have a look at our RLA PEARL: A Year in Review 2018 Impact Infographic below:

    RLA are running "PEARL Week" all this week, so stay tuned to @RLA_Pearl on twitter for up-dates or visit the RLA PEARL Website.

    You can continue to support the important work that PEARL undertake by joining the Residential Landlords Association. Property Tribes' members can enjoy a 25% discount of membership, due to being a commercial partner of the RLA.

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