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  • Section 24 HQ

    RLA survey evidences dwindling rental supply

    Private sector tenants face a perfect storm with the supply of homes to rent set to fall as demand increases.

    According to a survey of almost 3,000 landlords published today, 22 per cent plan to sell at least one of their properties over the next year, with just 18 per cent planning to buy additional properties to rent.

    The new data, published in the Residential Landlord Association’s (RLA) latest quarterly research, finds also that 33 per cent of landlords have seen an increase in demand for homes to rent over the past three years.

    Faced by an imbalance in the supply and demand for rental properties, 47 per cent of landlords indicated that they expected to increase rents over the next year. 35 per cent indicated that the changes to mortgage interest relief which will see landlords taxed on their turnover rather than their profit, unlike all other businesses, was the main reason why rents might increase.

    Commenting on the findings, RLA Chairman, Alan Ward, said:

    “As demand continues to increase for homes to rent, punitive tax changes are discouraging investment by the majority of good landlords who want to provide accommodation.

    “Whilst efforts by the Government to support institutional investment in the sector are welcome, this will remain a drop in the ocean. 

    “To meet demand, we need pro-growth taxation that actively supports and encourages the majority of landlords who are individuals providing good housing, to invest in the new homes to rent we so desperately need.” 

    Here is a reprise of the Tenant Tax Week interview with Alan Ward of the RLA:

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    Perhaps the UK Govt needs to look across the Irish Sea and follow what the Irish Govt is now having to do to incentivise PRS LL to return to the sector.

    This is due to the far more benign version of S24 that the Irish Govt experimented with so disastrously.

    If there is a very good example of why S24 style taxation doesn't work, why doesn't the UK Govt accept it?

    Do they seriously believe the results of a far harsher S24 regime will be better than how it turned out in Ireland?

    History and mistakes and all that!


    I have spoken via email to a number of MPs and one in the Lords and they all say similar

    The Govt is not listening mode

    we all know what will happen but we are seen as a problem not a solution to the UK housing shortage

    Just write to MP and you will get the same standard letter level playing field

    but drill down further and you will see some MPs understand this issue but they are powerless to do anything



    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    You say this, but at my local LA there must be about  30 properties available in the windows and currently vacant.

    If there was a shortage wouldn't the windows be empty!?

    Until there are blank notices in LA windows I won't believe there is a rental shortage