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  • Scottish PRS

    Scottish Energy Efficiency Consultation 2018

    Scottish Government consultation on minimum energy standards, proposing minimum C Rating for both PRS and owner-occupier sectors, and minimum B Rating for those classified as fuel poor.  Cost efficiency is being deemed as payback over a lifetime, however that may be interpreted! 

    Closing date for comments is 27 Jul 2018. 



    More delusions from the idiotic Scottish Govt.

    How will they force a little old lady on a pension to upgrade her own home to C standard from E F or G!!!!??

    Of course the Scottish Govt aspirations are commendable.

    I doubt anyone would suggest to achieve EPC  C standard for all residential properties isn't a good idea.

    However who is going to pay for it all?

    It simply isn't feasible unless Govt provides grants.

    I doubt the Scottish Govt would be successful in any appeal to the UK Govt for additional funding to pay for these improvements  to energy efficiency.

    So that will leave the Scottish Govt to pay for it.

    Up go the taxes of Scottish taxpayers.

    It is a simple  fact that the vast majority  of residental housing is just not capable of achieving the C standard without considerable expense

    The property owners don't have the resources to pay for such improvements

    There is no doubt as to the benefits for achieving such energy efficiency.

    Especially in Scotland where due to the local climate energy costs tend to be a bit higher than the rest of the UK.

    But when costs for property owners are already high there is no surplus income to pay for these undoubted beneficial energy efficiencies.

    So whilst an admirable aspiration the Scottish Govt is deluding itself if it believes it can make the PRS or even normal homeowners achieve such energy efficiencies ahead of the UK.

    Then of course there is the issue of unintended consequences.

    Let us say that overnight every single  residential property achieved EPC E standard .

    Energy usage would reduce substantially massively hitting the profits of the energy companies. They will naturally increase prices for the reduced energy now being used.

    They will not allow their shareholder dividends to be reduced because people are now using less energy.

    It is therefore a fool's errand

    Improve energy efficiency  and living conditions by all means as doing so would have many sociological benefits.

    But it is Govt that will have to pay.

    There also then remains the thorny issue of the many millions of social homes that won't meet such standards. .Should not social housing tenants also be entitled to have properties that are EPC C status! ?