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  • Mortgages & Finance

    Shawbrook report positive broker sentiment

    The annual Shawbrook Broker Barometer reveals positive sentiment for 2018

    Despite commercial mortgage brokers surveyed citing Brexit as one of the biggest issues likely to impact their clients in 2018, respondents were overwhelmingly upbeat about the year ahead. 

    Just under four fifths (78 percent) stated that they feel confident about the lending environment in the forthcoming year (up from 72 percent in 2017**), according to Shawbrook Bank’s annual Broker Barometer*.

    Other key findings from Shawbrook’s Broker Barometer:

    • The wave of positivity continues with 27 percent of respondents citing a healthy 30 percent plus increase in business volumes in the second half of 2017, compared with 2016.
    • 69 percent of brokers stated they feel confident about business growth in 2018
    • The top three challenges that the commercial mortgage brokers surveyed expect their businesses to face in 2018 are lending restrictions (26 percent) regulatory change (25 percent) and valuation issues (16 percent).

    Karen Bennett, Managing Director – Commercial Mortgages states: “Despite some of the uncertainties surrounding the PRA changes and the possible impact of Brexit, it is encouraging to see so much positivity in the commercial mortgage broker market when looking at the year ahead. It’s also fantastic to see so many brokers reporting such encouraging results in business volumes, demonstrating the robustness of the commercial mortgage market”.

    This infographic has additional insights:

    Here is a reprise of our recent interview with Shawbrook M.D. Stephen Johnson on the three things landlords should focus on in 2018:

    It would be good to hear from some of the brokers that frequent PT how they are feeling about 2018.

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    These brokers are seriously  deluded!

    S24 will reduce their business

    No new business just existing  LL  chasing around to replace existing mortgages.

    Market share will just swap about between existing lenders who will have to offer far lower rates to entice LL  to jump ship to them.

    If BTL lenders wish to retain business  they need to stop offering all these stupid teaser rates and offer 10 years or more decent tracker rates

    Say about 1.5 % ABBR differential.

    There wiLL be very little new BTL business. S24 has caused a dying market.

    Not many will  invest as companies.

    They just won't bother.

    I predict ever shrinking business as capital deserts the PRS

    Lenders need to realise that in light of the PRA teaser rates have had their day.

    If lenders want to retain clients then low rate tracker rates are the only way to maintain market share.