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  • Buy-to-Let

    Thank you to the regulars on PT

    I wanted to say a big Thank You to many of the regular contributors for all your knowledge and the support you share to so many of us that visit the site. The information that I have read, digested and put to use can only be described as life changing! Yes, in true Jonathan C fashion it will be delayed gratification for 10+ years but that's part of my plan (now)...

    I received the below via email newsletter from an IFA/wealth manager about pension annuities:
    'Key points
    •Retirement income drops by 29% due to quantative easing
    •Gilt yields and gender neutral pricing are to blame
    •What you can do to boost your retirement income'

    'How has this affected retirement incomes?
    The research analysed a fund of £100,000 in 2009 before the quantative easing programme started. The report shows a sample investor who would have achieved an income for life through an annuity of £5,040 per year. Now the same fund and an investor of the same age would receive £3,580 per year – £1,460 less each year for life.'

    After punching a few numbers into a calculator and comparing it to the example in the newsletter, I realised how far I had come in understanding BTL and believe that it really will change my (family's) life in 10+ years time.

    So what has changed over the last couple of months?:
    - I have read Dolf de Roos' book and now truly 'get' the strength of leveraging. Before this I always wanted to pay down straight away
    - Have read Angela's book and got some inspiration & really good practical tips to manage growth and portfolio
    - I have set strict criteria to make any BTL purchase a business transaction rather than being driven by the heart (where I think I would want to live)
    - Will consider LHA (and am now including it) as part of the business plan
    - Have made some amazing contacts that will last for a lifetime that I wouldn't have made outside of PT and they have already had an impact for the better

    So this post is just to say a massive THANK YOU to Vanessa, Jonathan C, John C, Adam H, Angela, Jayne, Lynne and others! I look forward to updating you in 2023 Smile

    (Please note that nothing in this post is to be taken as advice for any financial decisions you may make for the present or future, everyone's personal circumstances are different)
    What a WONDERFUL post Omar!

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write this.

    I know everyone who reads it will be delighted to know what a difference they have made to you.

    YOU are the reason PT was created so it is highly gratifying to hear that it has had such a positive impact on your life.

    It is down to all the generous people you mentioned - and many more - who give so freely of their time and knowledge simply because they love property and they want others to invest safely. Sharing for the sake of sharing is the most authentic form of information available to anyone and that is why PT is such a great resource for landlords.

    All power to you and your property journey and thank you again for documenting your journey so far, as it will be of benefit to others following in YOUR footsteps. Smile
    Thanks Omar,

    That's very nice to hear. I'm glad that PT has helped you and glad if I and my book have played some part in that:-)

    I also find, despite my experience, that PT helps me to develop and maintain a more professional outlook. Just one example that springs to mind - I remember that Vanessa had a "daily inspirations" feature for the month of January at the beginning of this year. One of the contributors mentioned a book that he had read called Turning Pro. I read the book and found it very inspiring. Here's a few short quotes from it that I hope you'll enjoy too:

    "Turning pro is free, but it demands sacrifice. The passage is often accompanied by an interior odyssey..."

    "To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls."

    "When we're living as amateurs, we're running away from our calling - meaning our work, our destiny, the obligation to become our truest and highest selves."

    Enjoy the journey!

    Angela Smile

    Author of The Complete Guide to Property Strategies and The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success
    Learn more at http://www.completepropertysuccess.co.uk

    I also post property updates on my Facebook Page

    "It is the small decisions you and I make every day that shape our destiny" Anthony Robbins

    Thank you, Omar!

    If I have contributed in a small way, that's good! Whatever stage we're at, it is useful to be able to "talk things over" (for want of a better phrase) somewhere like this. I found myself at a standstill last week, had rather a long rant on here, and got some very helpful suggestions and comments that have prompted me to think more laterally.

    Very best of luck in your property journey.

    Jayne Owen @jayneowen

    Editor and Writer: Your Property Network magazine

    Investor: Mozaique Property, South & West Wales and South West England

    Occasional reviewer at The Property Bookshop (@Property_Books)

    Thanks all, you are very kind. I can honestly say that not one minute of my time surfing through PT has been wasted - even reading your post last week, Jayne. It made me challenge my own ideas and options - convenience of local properties and better growth or higher yield and cash flow further afield but less control and need for an agent etc. It has all been valuable. And importantly I know there are people available to help celebrate the good times and support in the more challenging times!

    I'm sorry I am not able to attend the event this weekend as it would have been great to get know those of you who will be there.
    I thank you for the mention !
    Except - im here for the same reason as you - im here to borrow knowledge and support from the people you mentioned and more - happy ive paid a little back. Isn't Property Tribes Brilliant !


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