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  • In the Spotlight

    The last 24 months

    24 Months of my life and how signing up to a property course changed my life.

    December 2016: Got made redundant

    January 2017: Signed up to a property course

    February 2017: Read Rich Dad Poor Dad - first book I had read from beginning to end since primary school

    March 2017: Read The Slight Edge - started thinking differently

    June: 2017: First Offer Accepted - Doctors Surgery to be converted into a 4 Bed HMO.

    July 2017: Read Miracle Morning began a morning routine they changed my life

    August 2017: Second Offer Accepted - 4 Bed HMO to be converted into a 5 Bed HMO.

    October 2017: Deal on the second offer that was accepted fell through

    Read "Go For No" - helped me deal with deals falling through

    Read the "5 Second Rule" - helped me take action and not wait

    November 2017: My older sister is admitted into Derby Hospital ICU and is diagnosed with an extremely rare lung disease

    December 2017: My sister passed away

    January 2018: Completed on my first property a doctors surgery which I planned to convert into a 4 Bed HMO. Estimated refurb to be completed by the end of March. Had offer accepted on another property 3 bed Detached House which I would convert into a 5 Bed HMO.

    February 2018: Turned 38 years old, started running to help deal with the loss of my sister who passed away in December 2017. Decided to raise money for the hospital my sister was in and entered into the Great Run Birmingham 10k.

    March 2018: The refurb on my first property was way off schedule, relationship with my builders began to go down hill. The deal I had accepted in January fell through was gutted and lost over £1,000 in Solicitors fees.

    Had an offer accepted on another 2 properties, where I would convert to a 8 Bed HMO and a 4 Bed HMO.

    April 2018: Went on holiday for 2 weeks to Egypt with my wife and two daughters. Was the first time I stopped since losing my sister. The loss of my sister hit me for the first time and I began to feel really depressed.

    Builder promised me that he would finish the property by the time I got back from holiday. Tried to call him whilst in Egypt for an update but he never answered. When I got back from Egypt I found that he had done no work on the propert for 2 weeks.

    May 2018: Did the 10k Birmingham Great Run in 50 mins. My mum, little sister and brother in law joined me and together we raised over £1,700 for Derby Hospital.

    Went away to Malaga for my friends 40th Birthday. Drank a lot and felt more and more depressed.

    May 24th, my older sister's birthday, as a family we thought we would spend the day together. On that day got a call from my builder saying he wanted more money. I told him it wasn’t a good time to talk as it was my sisters birthday and she would have been 41 today. He said that if I didn’t pay his team would start ripping the house apart. I went totally crazy at him and lost control.

    June 2018: Relationship with builder was extremely strained but I knew I had to remain professional and get the job finished. The refurb on the property was eventually completed at the end of the month.

    July 2018: Felt I was losing control of my life and falling deeper and deeper into depression. Started to drink more.

    The owner of the potential 4 bed HMO that I had an offer accepted on in March decided he wanted more money for the property. In the end I decided to walk away from the deal.

    August 2018: Decided I needed to take control of my life. Read a book about how to deal with the loss of a sibling as an adult. This helped me understand my feelings and that I was going through a grief process.

    Started doing my miracle morning routines again, something I started in 2017 but stopped when I lost my sister.

    Started writing my life story, something I had always wanted to do.

    September 2018: Completed on my second property which I was to convert to a 8 Bed HMO. Found a new build team.

    October 2018: Felt better as though I had turned a corner and was on the road to recovery. Depression began to fade.

    November 2018: My build team completed the refurb on my 8 bed HMO exactly on schedule. They were amazing from beginning to end.

    Finished writing my life story, 40 thousand words later.

    December 2018: Staged my 8 Bed HMO with my wife and felt a great sense of achievement.

    As I end the year I feel stronger and although I have some down days I feel in control of my emotions. It has been the craziest 24 months of my life. I end this year with more determination than ever to live my life to the max. I will honour my sister and make her proud of me.

    Next year I will publish my story into a book called the Wake Up call - my life has had many ups and downs but I will never play a victim. When you get  knocked down there is only really two choices stay down or get up and keep fighting. I will always get back up.

    Have a great 2019 everyone I wish you all an amazing year. However if and when you do have months that aren’t as great don’t think you are alone reach our for support as we all have those days, weeks and months. There is always light at the end of the tunnel things do get better.

    If you know anyone that has lost someone close ask them how they are feeling, you will never hurt them by asking that question. You will never bring the memory back or cause them pain. The memory is always there, the feeling of loss never disappears we just learn to deal with it better. Asking how we are just shows us that you acknowledge our loss and that you care. It shows us that you realise how much we loved the person we lost and that you know that we haven’t forgotten them.

    I can honestly say that if I hadn’t signed up to the property course in January 2017 I wouldn’t have the mindset I have today and I wouldn’t have known what I needed to do to take control of my life after losing my sister. I would go as far as to to say it saved me.

    Thank you everyone that I have met through property investing none of you have ever given up on your dreams and you all inspire me everyday.


    Sounds like quite a rollercoaster !!

    With the time you have had recently it should harden you up to life as a HMO landlord as they will present you with challenges.  Dont bank on it all going to plan as its quite a tough sector  and the competition  is really stepping up the game. I have 2 and when fully occupied they give me a decent return but they do take up a bit of time in management and tenant turnover can be quite high compared to single lets.

    Keep focussed on the balance sheet and dont let the politics divert you.  Good luck for 2019



    I saw Jin's post on the HMO Group on Facebook and asked him to repost it here, as I knew the PT community would get a lot of value from it.

    Thanks to Jin for joining PT and posting his story.

    As I responded on facebook - what an amazing post. Full of honesty and humility. It was very brave of you to write such a post. 

    You have been on what amounts to a massive learning journey and you are undoubtedly a stronger and more rounded human being because of it. 

    It is possible to grow through pain and grief and you are a shining example of that. There will be others going through similar situations as you have been through, and they will take strength and inspiration from your writings.

    I believe that your sister is very proud of you.

    I would love you to up-date this thread in 6 months and let us know how things are going.

    I wish you every success going forwards. x

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    what a story, thanks very much for sharing it. It really put things into perspective! very motivational!

    Wishing you an amazing 2019!

    sent you a DM as well.


    It was pure coincidence that I read your post (I was going to turn the notice off but for some reason my finger slipped and opened it instead.

    I wasn't even a registered member before commenting on your post.) But maybe it wasn't.

    I lost my boyfriend two weeks ago very suddenly.

    Every minute of every day is a big struggle.

    We were deeply in love with each other, treasuring each other, going to settle down and build a beautiful life together. We had all the plans, building our dream house together, sharing the rest of our lives together, retiring to the seaside together and doing our property investment projects together.  

    All of a sudden it's all gone.

    The pain and sorrow is beyond words.

    I'm scared but I will go ahead with our project because I know that's what my boyfriend wants me to do.

    That's why I say maybe coming across your post isn't a coincidence. Perhaps my boyfriend directed me here to show me that I will be strong and go through the pain and I should do the project.

    Thank you for sharing your life story!


    There's a lot of pain in these posts, but by the same token an overview of pragmatism and resolute that will always win in the end.

    I can share in very 'similar' circumstances over the last few years of friends that are no longer with us.

    It hurts - a lot. And it's a lonely place to be.

    But hindsight is a very nurturing mother and to achieve great goals in the name of those that are no longer here is a very laudable goal in itself.

    I take great comfort in thinking that 'the universe' will direct me. Whether it does or not is irrelevant, if only to give me peace of mind to carry on. Placebo if you will.

    One thing is for sure, you are all amongst friends here, and what you have done and intend to achieve is wonderful.

    I salute you for coming here and telling us your stories. I will take comfort in knowing I'm not alone myself.



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    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com

    Hi Atwal,

    Can I ask who the course provider was ?