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  • Property-a-holics

    'The No Money Down Sceptics are FOOLS‏'

    Hi all,


    I’ve had dealings with Mr Ahuja, and have put some details on an external site, so the owners of this one don’t have to worry about the risk of defamation. For example there’s a copy of the judgment I received against him last October for £4925. I strongly suggest you have a look before handing over any money to him. https://www.ajayahuja.org







    AAAhahahahahahahahah    lol


    sorry Vanessa, err no , he hasn't, however that is as much as i expected from someone as,

    well lets just say someone that doesnt have the spheres or decency to even respond.


    I expected full well, unfortunately, that he wouldn't, but being the optomist i did still

    hold out a little bit but I certainly didn't get my hopes up Smile


    just tonight i was checking some tricks out on google, wierd stuff that you can do

    some of its quite good actually Smile and anyhow it got me thinking to when i paid

    ahuja several hundred pounds directly, thats me going down to the hsbc with

    funds in hand in cash with his "wifes" hana mayrova or something very similar,

    this wasn't information i knew at the time but have since found out, bank details

    scrawled on a bit of paper to deposit said funds into her account, i still have that

    piece of paper somewhere actually Smile so yea i was searching thro my old emails

    actually and found this one:

    Paul, get access to 2,000,000 GBP for only 24.99 GBP per month

    this was on friday 13 july 2007 at 12:48




    Had a fantastic response to my bridging fund idea and I got repeated requests to make it payable per month.  So guess what I have!

    Its only 24.99 GBP per month and you have access to my private bridge and remortgage fund.

    To find out more visit: https://ahuja.co.uk/get_bridging_finance



    the link hasn't worked for a long time now but its nice to know I didn't dream this scenario and that it

    actually happened. the reason i paid him hundreds was thats what he was offering initially

    but you can see from the mail that he came up with alternative payment structure.


    upon further thought i wondered if any of these links have anything to do with ajay










    this is an interesting one it says nottingham, probably some poor sod that paid

    him a fee to become a franchisee and decided it wasn't all that ahuja reckoned

    it would be.



    i know about his franchise and i still have all that information on file as well Smile


    you'll notice ALL but "Ahuja Empire LTD" & "AHUJA TRADING"

    have been dissolved, it stinks to me like its got ahuja written all over them!!


    Cheers Vanessa


    Paul Smile



    Vanessa said:

    Hi Paul,


    Did Ajay get in touch with you?  Please do report back here if he has dealt with your issue in a manner that satisfies you.