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  • Buy-to-Let

    This should be good news for landlords?

    The link to a BBC article below should be welcomed by the BTL world.

    It just shows how good the future is for Landlords  and we will all have no voids and making a fortune

    When the public look at this report what do they think ????

    I think the first thought would be the Govt should build more council houses ? But the Govt so far has failed to build the houses needed

    So if there is no houses what happens next ? The Govt and the Media then focus on us

    We are seen as the scapegoat

    What looks like good news for us can also be bad news for us

    Shortage of housing is the very reason why BTL works so well Your asset will grow in value and you will have a long line of customers wanting to rent

    But the shortage and the hate against us will work against us in the long term.



    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    It is horrible that other people's hardship should be good news for anyone. Sad

    However, this article shows how acute the problem is and that it is Government who are causing it.

    This harks back to my article:

    What causes homelessness in the UK?


    We should not be coy about this topic

    Landlords invest in property because its a money maker

    we invest in an asset which in some areas is in short supply

    we invest for rental income because we no it will bring in rent rises and gives us a life style

    BTL is all about making money

    we are not Social Landlords  just as BUPA hospitals are not the NHS

    Our Business is built on fundamentals of lack of supply

    If we were not into making money 99% of us would not touch BTL

    I believe the lack of supply will work against us its a very political subject

    I don't see a Group Like Shelter against BUPA hospitals

    I don't see a your age group against BUPA Hospitals  either ie Generation Rent

    Because the NHS is general is supplying the need

    On the Other hand I cant see the Govt Building houses

    Hence we become Political Aunt Sally's

    The truth of the matter is we cant win this Battle.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    ``BTL is all about making money``

    Its sure is a significant  driver I agree but its not all about the money

    You can make money and  have a significant social focus as well

    BTL hits a variety of  highs for me - some of which lose me money

    Chopping down a hedge is one such high .

    The freedom from a boss is another such high

    Giving £10 to a tenant  for fish and chips loses me money but gives me a high


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Sorry JC it is ALL about the money!!

    I am simply NOT interested in using my capital to provide cheap rental accommodation for anyone!!

    Only the very rich can afford to be philanthropic.

    I aspire to become a Mr Peabody!!


    ``Only the very rich can afford to be philanthropic``.

    Not true at all .

    Anyone can be philanthropic if they choose to be

    I know someone who gives 5% of their wealth away and they are only on 20K pa

    Philanthropy is not tied to a wealth chart -  its a state of mind

    Some very rich are as tight as they come . They can afford to give away  but they choose not to


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Yeah, sorry but got to agree with PB and DL here.

    Think back to when you started JC and the reasons you got into BTL. I'd be certain it wasn't to provide free housing for the homeless, maybe it was to make money for yourself and your heirs in later years...........correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yes getting freedom a boss means you have to make money, it doesn't come free.

    Anyone giving a homeless person a tenner makes the giver feel good, they don't have to be a landlord.

    Money may not be the only driver, but I'd love to hear what the other drivers are. Realistic answers only, not hypothetical stories Wink


    Nah ... The drivers for a LL/ investor are common to why we all do what we do

    Why do teachers teach , nurses nurse , train drivers drive train

    Money is great but self fulfilment is up there with it .

    The `journey not just the destination`  as people say - Yes I`m cringing too -  but its true

    When you have none yes I agree money is often by far the most important driver

    But 1000`s of people give up highly paid jobs after say 10 years because they dont enjoy it

    They take a 20% cut in wages but enjoy life more because they now follow their passion or just  reduce stress

    The converse of that is someone who really enjoys their job out in the field and gets paid say 50K

    They then are offered promotion and 70K but that means meetings after meeting stuck in an office all day

    So they turn it down as money is not their main driver

    When I started it was to make money but if i could make the same money working down  a sewer i wouldn't have done it

    Also you grow into a role over the years and property allows you to diversify and follow different routes to suit

    Different aspect of BTL or property in the wider sense appeals to different personalities

    Some may love student lets and that engagement with students and some hate LHA

    Some love development but may hate HMO`s

    Google - What motivates people more than money ... Dozens of things . BTL is included in that

    So I still maintain BTL is not all about money


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I am in this game for the money 100%

    I have given enough of my own time for free when I served in The Special Constabulary and a JP and in the Army Cadets

    That was my way of giving something back

    I don't do stuff for nothing now other than maybe give my time for free helping other Landlord's



    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Landlords take on the financial risk of the tenant not paying the rent or the tenant damaging the property.

    For any entrepreneur to take on business risk, there should be a small margin for them in it.  If not, then they won't take on the risk.

    Unfortunately, the rogues achieve a bigger margin by letting sub-standard and non-compliant homes and these are the people that create the public image of "greedy" landlords imho. The minority give the majority a bad name. Sad