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  • Buy-to-Let

    Turning the Tide of Opinion

    Is Section 24 right?   No, it's plain wrong.  Let me make that clear from the outset.

    Will it sink Landlords?  Not if they are informed and run their business professionally.  Things just got somewhat more difficult.

    Do the public care?   Not one Iota.

    We are seen as a money grubbing, selfish and greedy uncaring bunch.   Some of the comments I've read on here the last few days makes me realise why.

    So my point about turning the tide of opinion is this.

    When it affects us personally, we are able to raise £50k to pay Cherie Blair to fight a winless case in court.  SELF INTEREST.  Yes, we call it a Tenant Tax, but its was because it was in our INTEREST to fight it.

    Property 118.  Took on the West Brom and won.  Raised tens of thousands to do it. Again, SELF INTEREST.

    So why don't we do something in somebody else's interest.  Turn the tide of negative opinion.     55k would buy and refurb a 2 bed house in my working domain.  That could help 2 kids off the street and into the working world.  They leave, 2 more.

    500 landlords giving £10 a month would raise £60k a year, that's a house every year that could help another few youngsters get their lives on track.  

    If could be done under the PT brand if Nick and V would allow.  If we all gave a few quid and a few hours of our time.

    That would turn the tide of opinion.  But far more importantly change some lives for the better.

    If we can raise £50k in 2 weeks for our own self interest, then what more needs to be said.

    As a home provider, I can't think of a better charity for us to be involved in than helping the homeless.


    I would support this providing the necessary safeguards could be put in place and admin fees didn’t eat up large amounts of that raised.  It might be that it could be completed In conjunction with or as a charity and gift aid added to that raised.


    Nah no chance

    (*Moderator note: Rest of comment removed*).


    I just couldn't help myself.  Why did I do it and read your vitriol.

    YOU ILL INFORMED AND UTTER CRETIN.   There are kids on the street because they'd rather be there than suffer abuse at home.  There are a 1000 reasons you MORON, not just people being feckless.    Your comments about Grenfall and the North show what a complete and utter ill informed ******  you really are.

    Just spout as long as you are heard hey Paul.

    Seriously V and Nick.   What has this Cretin got to do to get banned for life.  Why did you ever let him back.  I've noticed a lot less posters since he turned up.


    Paul, I agree with you about empty properties they should be fully utilised.

    Many people in the UK are abusing other tax payers by insisting on being housed in expensive areas of the country. That being said we must protect the most vulnerable in society, We must support the abused, addicted and mentally & physically ill people.

    The problem is we have a many people who milk the system and say they cant work or wont move when in reality they don't want to learn a trade or work in a supermarket or care home. Then we have the swathes of people who once they get a council house cling onto it for dear life until their grave when council housing should be for the most vulnerable and not a free ride for life. You are on the money with your comment about London.

    Many people refuse to leave London and find themselves in massive debt or homeless because of that decision. The irony is that I find people out of the big cities to have much more community spirit and be more willing to give someone a chance in work/life. It's less 'dog eat dog' out in the sticks.


    And what a story for the press.

    A bunch of Landlords house homeless kids, something SHELTER who have raised tens of millions have never done.  They have however paid millions in Chief Exec and Director salaries over the years.

    Maybe start a petition to have their name prefixed with "We Don't Do"

    Essex LL.....It would have to be in conjunction with a Homeless charity IMHO.

    Paul Barret.  - I read your first line of drivel and stopped.    You must have driven about 1000 landlords off this site with your long winded hateful nonsense.   Stay off this thread please, you've hijacked enough.   The point of this thread is what could we do to help and thus turn the tide of negative opinion.  You are not the tide, you are a tsunami.


    You are the moron mate for your really weird thinking

    You seem to believe that the homeless have the right to be housed where they want to be

    Pray tell where does that right come from?

    I agree that there are many domestic circumstances  that cause homelessness

    There are usually housing solutions but these homeless refuse to move

    There is as far as I am aware more than enough suitable accommodation  throughout  the country to house everyone.

    If this is not the case then absolutely I would support your idea

    So let us take a practical  example

    So we take a homeless person aged 34 and we LL  provide a recently refurbished house in Hull

    Note the age!

    He is offered this paid for with housing benefits and all the other welfare that he would be entitled to.

    The homeless  person moves there

    Of course this house will be paid for by welfare at the shared room rate because the tenant is 34

    But the LL  Homelessness Fund won't object to that

    Do you think some LL  might object to tenants being housed for less than the cost of providing the accommodation!?

    I would put my hand in my pocket to achieve that in conjunction with other LL

    *(Moderator note: Content removed*).

    But yes I fully support  your concept.

    When I say not a penny perhaps I might revise that

    So there are 2 million LL

    What if everyone paid  £1 per month to a sort of LL  homeless fund

    I would sign up for that!

    So 2 million LL  paying £12 each per year would make a significant contribution to addressing the homeless issues

    We could even donate those monies to Shelter who would then be required to use those funds to provide err!!! shelter!!!

    Ideally in the form of permanent accommodation

    Shelter could become the largest social housing provider in the country all funded by 2 million LL  donating £12 per year

    I like the concept

    Are you going to campaign for such?

    If so sign me up I'll be your first contributer

    I'll set up a SO for £1 per month to the LL  Homelessness Fund

    You've convinced me

    Now you just have to do so with the other 2 million LL

    Good luck with your endeavours and don't forget I was the first LL  that has supported your idea and was actually willing to contribute! !


    Yet again you\ve hijacked a thread, like you hijack every thread.    

    There's a reason I stopped posting for about 2 years.

    There's a reason I'll no longer post whilst you remain.

    This used to be a forum of sensible balanced debate.  Once the likes of you turned up, it's a forum of your vile rhetoric followed by response to your vile rhetoric.

    Goodbye Paul.  Goodbye PT whilst you remain.


    Paul, why don't you just put him on Ignore if he bothers you that much?

    Getting back to the thread, I think it's a great idea and if it took off then it would be interesting to stick 2 fingers up to the likes of the Guardian readership and their ilk!

    I'd put £10 into the pot per month happily.


    Yes I agree PC has come up with an interesting  idea

    I believe most LL would support his excellent idea.

    But even if I support him he seems to consider  I have  somehow hijacked his thread.

    I'm sorry if he feels that way

    Not my intention

    I am also most disturbed that he stopped posting because of my responses to his posts

    Well the last thing I would want to do is to have such an effect.

    Well that being the case I will in future  defer from responding to his posts.

    No hardship for me.

    Obviously we want him back

    His idea for LL  to start an effective homelessness charity funded by LL  is a brilliant idea

    We could make it such that ONLY LL  are allowed to contribute to the charity

    2 million LL contributing £1 per month equates to about £26 million per year.

    I'm sure that sort of sum would make a fairly significant impact on the Homeless.

    Personally  I am willing to contribute  my £1 per month to such a housing charity; I can't afford the £10 pm that you would be willing to contribute.

    But hey make £1 as the minimum contribution pm..

    I believe the contribution  could even be registered under the Gift Aid scheme meaning even more money is gained by the charity if the contributer doesn't want the tax relief

    I would willingly sign over any tax relief I might receive on my £1 pm to the new LL  Homelessness  charity.

    Being a charity it would be a not for profit organisation funded entirely by allegedly greedy LL

    All we need now is for PC to start the charity and I will be the first to sign up with a SO for my £1pm

    I actually pay more than that to the National Lottery!

    I would willingly reduce my plays by one so that I could contribute to a LL  Homelessness  Charity

    Would make me feel rather good actually.

    All good  LL  should contribute such an amount pm to this excellent idea for a new charity.

    Let us make PC the CEO and support him in his aspirations which surely all good LL  would share.

    All I need is the bank account that PC wants to use for the new charity and I will start paying my £1 pm to him

    So not  much hijacking occurring here; rather total support  for his excellent idea

    You never know we might even be able to get DL on board building properties funded by the new LL Homelessness charity for just the cost of production

    So the next big question is how to persuade every LL  to contribute  £12 per year to their own charity??

    I confess I haven't a clue

    But irrespective of that why not just start the charity and see what comes of it

    I'll pay my £1pm by SO as I'm sure would many other LL

    Would there be sufficient  contributions to build and supply one house for one homeless person in Hull!?

    Somehow  I doubt it

    But hey nothing ventured nothing gained.

    So I look forward  to the day that  PC may give us the bank details for his new charity

    What to call the charity

    Calling it the LL  Homelessness  Charity makes it seem a possible charity for homeless LL like those evicted from their own homes due to rent defaulting tenants. Apparently there are on average  30000 LL  that lose properties to repossession mostly caused  by rent defaulting tenants

    Of course such a charity would receive precisely zero contributions from the public who care nothing if a LL  is rendered homeless by wrongun  tenants.

    But that is no reason not to start a charity  to house the homeless. After all one day it could be you that will be homeless. A day that will be coming  soon to quite a few S24 LL! !

    So what to call this new charity! ?

    LL  Homelessness  Action Group;; LHAG! !

    LL  Homelessness Reduction Charity; LHRC

    Shelter MK  2

    LL  Shelter

    The Landlord Charity

    The Homeless  Charity

    House the Homeless Charity

    Well you get the idea

    I'm sure other could come up with a far better name than I have suggested.

    But the principle of a LL  charity to house the homeless is a  excellent  one and I totally support PC with my £1 pm!!

    Will other LL  do the same! ?

    Well we won't know unless and until the charity is set up will we!?


    Please don't go, I like forthright contributors,they stimulate debate.