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  • LHA/Universal Credit

    Universal Credit Roll-out


    DWP recently published a list which sets out the dates on which each Jobcentre area in Great Britain is scheduled to move to FULL SERVICE Universal Credit, eventually bringing to an end all legacy benefit claims, including Housing benefit/LHA. If you are a landlord who currently has an interest in HB/LHA or indeed Universal Credit it's important you take steps to familiarise yourself with the details of the new scheme, as you'll find it's different in many ways to HB/LHA.

    If you read the following article, published by the RLA, you'll find the DWP list mentioned above and also get a flavour of what I'm referring to.

    The Full Service is currently only available in a few districts but the feedback from landlords and tenants alike is, it's a bit of a nightmare. Read the following post.

    The RLA will be arranging a series of courses GB wide next year. Make sure you sign up as the quicker you find out what's entailed, the better you'll be able to plan ahead and make contingencies to mitigate any adverse effects you may experience, at least in the short term.

    Bill Irvine

    UC Advice & advocacy Ltd

    Watch my Property Tribes interviews:


    Thanks for posting this Bill.

    If members want a bit more information about the courses, here are the details:

    Delivered by Universal Credit expert Bill Irvine, the course covers:

    The claims process

    • Who can claim it and what are the different things that can affect a claim?
    • How it is assessed, calculated and paid and when it starts?
    • What happens when circumstances change?  What are the alternative payment arrangements?

    The housing element  

    • How it is assessed?
    • How much rent will be covered?

    Read more on the next roll out in a recent article by Bill Irvine.

    Course dates:


    Wednesday 15th February


    Wednesday 12th April

    Milton Keynes

    Thursday 20th July 


    ​All course fees are tax deductible!