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  • Buy-to-Let

    We should welcome Government changes!

    The above may come as a surprise

    The Govt want to encourage  the FTB  and I welcome that 100%

    The changes we have seen are to give FTB a chance The intention

    is to slow BTL down  and maybe that's a good thing

    we have a win win situation here  apart from paying a little more Tax

    If I look at my Business its worth Millions and the value is in the capital  so if my Millions grow by just 1% I can afford S24 out

    of pocket money

    If the FTB comes back to the Market as hoped my growth could be a lot more than 1%

    FTB will pay more they don't look at yield they look at a dream to live in a house and maybe raise a family and every FTB is an investor  in a strange way they have seen there family from past generations make money and they want that too

    90% of my property is just plain old FTB property Houses Flats in non city centre locations there all places to start a family

    Yes I have stopped buying I am in a period of my life when I can afford to sit back take the profits Pay some Tax and have a great life for the rest of my life

    The more I see the FTB the better I will be off They want what I own and If I was selling They would pay more than a BTL Investor

    I intend to make a lot more money in the coming years The North is the Place for Growth

    We all know Landlords will sell a great number are reluctant landlords to start with They are only Landlords because they cant sell a house but S24 will make them sell if they have a mortgage

    But for the rest of us who have invested in the Past years its business as Normal

    I treat S24 a bit like VAT I have a large business worth millions and I pay a bit extra Tax

    But I know just in capital growth I can make more millions

    Yes I will restructure and invest in other areas but my Millions will be made in Property

    PT are the true investor types The rest are not and they are not interested

    So I say to the Govt Bring on your new Policy's Bring in MR & MrS FTB they will swell my wealth more than anything else

    and don't forget as the Landlords who don't want to be Landlords leave there will be less rental in the North East and more tenants to pay higher rents

    If you have good yields and millions in property it can only get better

    Even this Budget brings us more pain we have to think why ?

    Its to give our best asset a chance of growth when the FTB want what we have


    any way I am flying to the South of France today in my own aircraft safe in the knowledge I can afford the life style I have

    S24 is a benefit not a draw back for the serious investor


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    I bet half of that post ends up on that house prices are crashing site with its blanket hatred of anyone that would dare to be a landlord.

    Enjoy your flight!


    well we are hated anyway so what the Hell

    There is always a silver inning  James

    I got some Sh** from Investors in PT about my views on the UK PRS

    I am not going to peddle the views any more But I will give the views on my Business and how much money I am making

    and My strategy  going forward

    what other Landlords do I really don't care I know what I am doing and that's enough for me

    Driving my own sports car to the Airfield and living life is what BTL has got me

    I know what's in front of the sector

    The question is do other Landlords have a Plan do they have large yields do they own Millions of Pounds of property

    I know I do and that's all that is important

    You will see very different blogs from me in future

    I am a true Investor who has a life of freedom

    and that's what BTL gives you freedom and wealth.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????


    I think you underestimate the numbers of Accidental LL that won't be affected by S24

    Few are known to HMRC!

    They are all gaming the system

    Such A LL will remove their properties from LA and they won't take deposits

    They will be off the Govt radar.

    They won't be paying CGT

    There are reckoned to be about 300000 of these A LL

    Many of them will also have bought a BTL.............and they will be living in it!!

    There is so much gaming going on it distorts the true picture of the PRS.

    So S24 will only affect those who play by the rules........ more fool them

    Given the chance I would do anything to evade S24 tax.

    I don't currently but only because I can't!!

    Others are able to and do!!

    There is a very unlevel playing field between different LL types.

    Illegal LL house a significant part of the population

    S24 won't affect many of them!


    Paul we will always have folk who break the Law

    I don't so I hope they get caught which they will in the long run

    I am a professional Investor, Not a shark

    and that's all I am bothered about to be honest.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Unfortunately that is a rather naive view

    You operate in your little honest bubble

    The rest of us have to have to game the system to survive.

    S24 will just cause more gaming of the system to occur.

    Such gaming of the system affects you whether you like it or not

    Believe me your property values and rents would be a lot higher if it wasn't for all the illegal LL gaming the system.

    Not much can or will be done about it.

    So you will suffer because of it.

    There is simply no willingness  from Govt to shut down illegal LL because they know that would cause millions to be homeless.

    Oh!! and by the way none of these sharks will ever be caught!!


    The sector you are talking about will leave the PRS because they are not true investors

    But that is not my Problem Paul its there s

    Times are changing HMRC are getting better at what they do

    so I say power to HMRC


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    I have yet to hear of one single Accidental LL who has had a resi mortgage called in due to letting without out consent!

    If HMRC are so clever then why haven't they contacted lenders to confirm the mortgage status of any A LL that does pay tax?

    Is S24 tax due on resi mortgage interest!!


    The honest bubble is not little.

    HMRC don't investigate the lack of CTL because they are not concerned with breaches of contract. If a LL breaks a lenders rules it is none of HMRC's business. It might be a crime if it is fraud, but that is a matter for the police. But it might not be illegal at all.

    As for LLs who are not paying tax, I'd like to see what happens in about 3 months. That will be the first time a full year's self-assessments should be in since HMRC got the right to information from RightMove etc.


    ``any way I am flying to the South of France today in my own aircraft ``

    I hope you are not  posting on PT while you fly DL  - very dangerous

    enjoy your holiday break . Does that  mean we all get a break as well ha ha


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I have used the Phone when flying lol


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????