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  • Property-a-holics

    What is your mortgage pay back strategy?

    There are lots of things that RDPD would not know specifically about an individual countries tax policy

    His book sells in 109 countries. It has a broad global appeal across the board

    Its not country specific

    Tax policy changes all the time. He writes with that all in mind

    Its about financial literacy. Its teaches you about money.

    Its not a book about BTL but yes of course BTL forms part of it

    But its so much more .

    Borrowing money within a company is not a problem

    Its not a bad idea simply because you dont need to do it anymore

    Dont be blind to a market place outside your small niche in the NE

    I sourced a deal last week for an investor. He has 6 now

    The last 3 were on company mortgages as will this one be

    Successful BTL with mortgages is still going on all around you DL

    These investors are not living in the past like you would like to have them think they are

    You think maybe you are 1st eleven because you now have cash

    Dont look down on the 2nd eleven who dont have as much cash as you

    Many  borrow with Ltd company mortgages to get to your position

    Don`t deride them for it

    If you didnt have cash or assets now what would you invest in ?

    Would you borrow to invest in property ?


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    In simple terms I will not need to borrow again JC

    That alone sets me apart from the Majority of BTL investors

    I am very Content to Invest in the NE

    The North will become better as the Govt put more cash into Infrastructure

    I am still investing in ISA and Pension for cash I wish to invest away from the NE

    my plan going forward I am only investing about 20% in the UK at present

    The Euro thing needs to sort itself out and this will impact the UK Equity market for some time too come

    although I think there will be growth in Small Companies

    My BTL Factory will take me around 5 years to complete

    I will then own two streets of houses with no leverage and as I have said 13% yields

    in about four years I will look again at the PRS

    S24 will have had full effect by then and I will also know I hope which party we have in power

    I don't think it makes a lot off difference

    I see two possible dangers

    1 Rent Control

    2 S24 b

    3 Licence  for all Landlords

    Of course if the above were to happen in my opinion I would welcome it The result will be more Landlords leaving the sector and less competition for the ones left

    I don't think Company formations will be touched

    The Big Landlords will grow stronger by the year

    and the small landlords will deleverage or exit the market

    Landlords who want to join us will via Ltd Co

    But they will be corseted by the rules of Co and higher taxation the norm for a Landlord will be taxed around 50% to 55%

    Personal owned Landlords with leverage with pay over 60%

    This is all Fag Packet stuff

    I am quite hopeful for the future and upbeat

    But I am not sitting on the beach of Dunkirk


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Didn`t quite see the answer to my question in there but never mind

    RDPD will be pleased you are still following his teachings and buying 2 streets worth of property  assets

    As you say fag packet stuff  - Everyone is doing that these days . 

    You should stretch yourself  and buy a town perhaps


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    JC you only see part of my life on here

    It was me who flew to France for a business meeting is that not saying something to you

    I do invest in other assets and its not only in the NE of England

    Stop trying to put me in a box

    One day you may meet me and maybe you will realise I don't just have a narrow view of only investing in BTL in the NE

    Its the place I made my Money and will hopefully continue to do so

    But there is a big world out there and I personally invest in it


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    I have no wish to put you in a box . You are a free spirit

    You in the past kept trying to put me in the same box as you.

    You kept  saying we were just the same

    But I kept resisting saying  I am not the same as you.   I am a free spirit too ( Aquarian )

    You fly off to France  whilst  I amble along to the local snooker club

    I simply would of liked for you  to engage in the questions asked of you on PT

    Its a bit  rude to just ignore them .

    You tend to go off on a tangent unrelated to what our debate is about

    I draw it back but you evade it again

    You say RDPD is old hat .....I say it is current and you are using its philosophy even today

    You dont like that as you see that as living in the past somehow and that doesn't sit well with you

    Shakespeare wrote some good plays I hear

    The Mona Lisa is celebrated  work of art

    The Eiffel Tower is an iconic structure

    The past can be just as enriching as the present or the future

    You have made your money so have I  - but you still have an overriding  burning desire to make even more

    Fair enough - Good Luck to you

    I dont -   My work has already been done


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    But are you sitting on the Beach at Dunkirk

    or are you changing strategy for you and your Clients who you help to invest in BTL

    I am now sitting on the shores of England looking back at the Black smoke coming from Dunkirk

    I don't know much about you all I know is your a leveraged BTL owner in Milton Keynes and you help others start in the BTL world

    Blogs are a bit like text messages they have no feeling and we all have lives and stories

    and Blogs can be a blunt tool


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    It's interesting seeing the dynamic between you and JC. Both going in a similar direction but the journey couldn't be more different. It's like an uneasy truce!


    JC and I could have been Brother and sister before S24 and other tax measures

    Its a different ball game now

    One I think is sticking to what has worked for him in the past with leverage and RDPD 

    I on the other had have formed a Company to help with S24 selling my own property into my company The Landlord Shuffle as I call it

    and I have moved into Build to let

    The Major difference from what I can see is JC has made a lot of cash in Capital Growth but I haven't which is not a great investment on the face of it

    But I have very strong yields and I can do a Landlord Shuffle

    Being in the North and knowing my Area well I now buy land and build

    Its a big money earner as I have fund it all from cash so no leverage

    I could have never afford to do this in the south doing what I do now

    Its a tale of Two Landlords doing the same thing just ones up north the other is in the south

    even though I have not made the capital growth I have a great deal more movability

    I don't use banks so they are not my master thank god

    I will build double my money and then yields of 13%

    Osborne and his rules just don't count in my world 

    I have side stepped S24 and high stamp Duty and PRA

    I think I am lucky to be where I am But its taken a lot of cash and planning believe me

    and a lot of sole searching too

    S24 has made me think outside my box of the old ways of being a BTL landlord

    who is right I don't think there is a right

    as long as you do the right thing for your business

    I personally have very negative views on leveraged BTL even via a Company formation

    my own opinion is the words Cash is King have never be truer

    BTL will continue to work but its becoming a limited space if landlords borrow be it in the north or the south


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    I`m sitting in my comfy armchair DL not on the beach 

    Beaches are just not my thing tbh - whether  Dunkirk or in the Grand Cayman Islands

    I bought property high yield, high leverage, high growth

    With sec 24 I am selling off some

    My LTV is down from 85% to circa 50%

    Hoarding any cash not paying down

    Clients are buying now in Ltd Companies

    They are high net worth investors just like you and just as switched on as you 

    They dont see the clouds though the same as you . Negative equity has tainted your outlook

    You buy cash,  so could they,  but they understand leverage . You`ve gone cold on leverage

    They understand all that has gone on and all that is going on but they still invest with mortgages in MK

    Prices will double in  20 years on my doorstep without any real effort . The hard work has been done

    Time for me to be lazy and pass on any tips if any one wants to listen . You do the same

    Its always good to get different strategies to pick and choose from


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Negative equity has taut me a lesson and that's to stop borrowing and to buy for cash JC

    The SE may yet witness what the North has had for 10 years


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????