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  • Property Training/Mentoring

    Which property training can you recommend?

    I had one BTL which was a previous family home and was tenanted for 4 years.  Now seen lots of webinars about trying to be financial free from property.  Every guru has their own strategies.  The ones in favour seem to be HMOs and SA. 

    But other commentators are saying there are too many HMO rooms available.  Any way to get mentoring the gurus are commanding fees in excess of £20,000. 

    Can any one suggest someone who will actually be value for money and I can trust.


    Hi Pearl,

    It concerns me that so many trainers are recommending HMOs and SA.  I regard these are more advanced strategies for people who have some experience.

    Property Tribes' recommended training partner is John Howard, a renown property investor and developer with 40 years experience.

    John runs one day seminars.  The next one is in September and costs £247.00 for the day.  You can find out more >>> here.

    I also recommend that you join the Residential Landlords Association.  Property Tribes members can enjoy 25% discount off membership.

    The RLA runs a Landlord training programme which is a good starter course and there is also a "Help Line" which you can call as many times as you need to.

    Finally, I recommend our "Investment Fundamentals" series:

    Monday -  Taking responsibility for your financial future and how to do that

    Tuesday -  Get educated!

    Wednesday - Create your "income engine" and then turbo charge it!

    Thursday -  Build your "wealth pyramid" to future-proof your wealth.

    Friday - Protect your assets within a "wealth fortress". 

    The best way forwards, imho, is to build a portfolio of terraced houses in good streets with high tenant demand, and get some tenant and property management experience.

    Once you have a solid foundation in place, you can try some more high risk/higher yield strategies.

    ​I hope that helps for starters?


    Thank you Vanessa - I did watch your recorded interview with John Howard but not received his book yet.  Will chase it up.  Your advice is very sound.  Pearl


    Hi Pearl,

    John Howard saw your comment and asked me to ask you to email him your name and address to johnhoward(at)claydonhall.co.uk and he will re-send your book tomorrow. Smile


    I honestly don't think you need a mentor. Spend time reading on PT and asking specific questions if they aren't already answered. BTL isn't a passive investment, if you haven't got the time to spend on PT doing the above, you probably don't have time to be a BTL landlord. Most of what you need is here if you use it, joining a Landlord Assoc is also good for legal advice, contracts etc (c£80 pa, I can recommend RLA)

    Being a landlord is about taking control of your own destiny. To my mind, thinking you can only take control of your own destiny if an "expert" does it for you is missing the point. If you want to do it and have the funds to start you can do it without having your hand held.

    Good luck!


    " Being a landlord is about taking control of your own destiny. To my mind, thinking you can only take control of your own destiny if an "expert" does it for you is missing the point. If you want to do it and have the funds to start you can do it without having your hand held. "

    I would echo these points. Every one of us on here has a different path we've trodden, and collectively we know far more than any guru/trainer ever will!

    Ask questions on here by all means, but with them, put what you would do and ask for opinions, not asking us what to do as we don't know your situation.

    When I first started off I found a builder that did lots of work for landlords and asked if he would show me the basics. So identifying damp, watched kitchens get fitted bathroom suites plastering etc. Did it for 2 weeks he got free labour even offered me a job at end but what I learned in 2 weeks was ten times what I learned after doing first one on my own and the money it saved me going forward was massive.

    The first 8/9 I did all the work my self wiring, plumbing kitchens bathrooms, has a go at plastering not as easy as they make it look etc obviously paid people to connect boiler and fuse boards and test it. Gave me basic knowledge and helped me deal with trades and not get ripped off as knew basics.

    This you won’t get taught on a course. My back ground was engineering so knew electrics and pipe work. Just a thought

    Don't waste your money. everything you would want to know is available from experienced professionals on PT and other resources, books/google/youtube. The hard work and research you put in at the beginning will reap you the benefits in the long term. Property Tribes is amazing in this respect.

    Look. Listen. Learn. ASK.


    Hey Halfpass -

    People learn in different ways . Some read, some do, some listen , some see etc

    What works for one doesn't work for others


    So personally I wouldn`t spend money sitting in a class with 30 others listening to a property trainer

    But people pay thousands to be educated at Uni for all manner of courses so clearly it must work for some

    So that may work for you and that`s fair enough

    That never worked for me at school and so I knew it wouldn't work for me when I started property

    I would read a book then ( these days PT)  in my own space and time then do it myself

    If I got stuck I would shadow someone who did what I wanted to do and ask a ton of questions

    The answers roll of their tongue because they have done it

    They didnt have to search through a book or google it or erm and ur - they just knew

    If they didnt know,  the good ones would say I dont know and i respect that

    What i hate is when they waffle and pretend and circumvent because they think they will lose face

    Some books are rubbish and just waffle and pad stuff out

    Some training courses are rubbish and just waffle and pad stuff out

    Separate the specific property strategy first you want  - then  select the right trainer

    Or go on a course which gives all property options with pros and cons to help you decide

    But if you know they are an HMO devotee expect a bias and maybe light on the rest

    The trainer may be a great trainer but short on knowledge about the subject matter

    I went on a training course to be a trainer . That`s a skill in itself

    At school I had teachers who were top end with top  knowledge . Brilliant minds

    But some  couldn't hardly string two words together  let alone a training package

    Their ability to impart their expert knowledge to me was woeful . They didnt have people skills

    And they werent even trying to sell something to cloud that training picture

    So  be aware of the agenda

    When I buy a £250 fridge I get a years guarantee or I can sometimes just take it back

    Look for that kind of guarantee from a course

    People sometimes pay to be motivated though or to be inspired sometimes

    Sometimes that part doesn't actually  need to be property specific

    Sometimes the content is not that important its that fact that 29 other people want what you want

    That in itself can be worth paying for for some

    When I went to a Chambers of Commerce training for a nominal cost I loved it

    29 other people in a room all wanting their own business

    We had property people , hairdressers, carpenters , hoteliers and dog groomers

    And all I kept thinking was my business is going to succeed where others may fail.

    The buzz was to meet 29 people who wanted to start their own business

    It was worth attending just to absorb that atmosphere and learn that about myself

    That was the kick start . I cant really remember the  stuff they churned out but that didnt matter

    It was useful in that it taught me about how to run a business not specifically a property business

    I needed one shot of adrenaline in  that 6 week programme then I was ready to go

    Some people need that continued shot every week / month / year . And  we are all different

    Good Luck in finding, first your method of learning and then someone / something to deliver it


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com