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  • Debt & Negative Equity

    Who is CD Fairfield Capital ?

    There is a considerable amount of misinformation surrounding property debt and negative equity. The aim of this and subsequent articles is to provide an overview of how we have been assisting homeowners and landlords with property debt issues since 2012.

    CD Fairfield was formed by Philip Davison (MD), and myself as a reaction to the fallout from the unprecedented property crash in Northern Ireland in 2008. At the time it was estimated that approximately 60,000 properties had mortgages greater than their value. The Council of Mortgage Lenders estimated the negative equity total to be circa £2.5billion.

    Of course, this isn’t an issue for everyone in negative equity, but for those who need to sell for financial reasons or otherwise, many found themselves in a “bad debt” situation for the first time in their lives, and through no fault of their own.

    The “party line” from Lenders and Government Agencies was to speak to your lender. I can tell you from significant experience that in many cases that is the last thing a borrower should ever do!

    It was clear that a bespoke mediation service was required to take borrowers by the hand to not only guide them through this minefield but provide full representation, an end-to-end solution.

    As well an being authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority we have an in-house Insolvency Practitioner, Edward Walsh, a member of the Chartered Accountants of Ireland and R3 (The Association of Business Recovery Professionals). We also have Senior Management who hold membership of the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association.

    With these associations and levels of regulation, we have the full suite of debt solutions under one roof which include:

    • Mortgage re-negotiations (with existing lender)
    • Mortgage Mis-selling Claims
    • Informal/Negotiated Settlements
    • IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)
    • Bankruptcy

    We also recognised that there were a number of distinct differences based on whether we were helping homeowners or Landlords in Northern Ireland or in mainland UK. This being the case variations in brand were created as follows:

    Negative Equity UK

    Negative Equity NI

    Landlord Debt Advisory

    Get Help With Debt

    Our independent Client Review show an approval rating of 4.89/5.00

     Securing successful outcomes for clients is front and centre in all that we do. How do we do this?

    • Developing and maintaining excellent working relationships with lenders
    • Recruiting highly competent staff from the legal, accountancy, insolvency, banking and financial services sectors
    • Continual investment in systems and people
    • We listen to out clients and implement constant improvement based on feedback

    In my next articles I’ll provide specifics; the mechanics of a case, the process that followed and the outcome for the clients.


    Thanks for posting this and it is really good to know that such an ethical service exists, as I am sure it is going to be much-needed over the coming years.

    Having visited Landlord Debt Advisory's operations in Belfast on two separate occasions, and seen what a professional set up they have, Nick and I are very pleased to have them as a partner and supporter of this site and as part of the trusted Property Tribes "ecosystem" of legitimate services and products that landlords may need.

    ​Keep up the important work you do guys!